Beatle Movies
The Beatles made a total of 6 movies and with each one there is an soundtrack that accompanies it with the same title. The first one was a "Hard Day's Night" and it was done at the beginning of their success. It only heightened the Beatles fame and therefore they did a color film,"Help!", which also was a success. Between "Help!" and the next one "Magical Mystery Tour", the Beatles mainly focused on albums, and through the two year time span there was a marked difference in them. "Yellow Submarine" was the next film made about the Beatles. This one was a cartoon and the Beatles played a very small role in it's production. They only did it because they believed it would fulfill the contract for 3 feature films to their film company. However, it didn't, much to their dismay, and they were forced to make another film, and circumstances within the Beatles, were not that pleasant, to say the least. But "Let It Be" was  done and it showed the Beatles working on their upcoming album, and satisfied the contract.
The next film was very different. It was not really a film, but it was a documentary that depicted everything the Beatles went through. The Anthology was the longest of the Beatles films and it was done some 15 years after John's death.
All the films are worth seeing, although some are obviously better than others. Below I have links to each movie that explains more about them.
A Hard Day's Night
Magical Mystery Tour
Yellow Submarine
Let It Be
The Beatles Anthology