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3/29/05 Again?
I'm doing pretty dang good lately.  ANOTHER UPDATE!!!  That makes three new updates in less than a week.  I told you I would make up for the laziness and downed internet.  It's an advice column.  Somebody else's question this time.  Sweet huh?  I thought so too!  ^_~  Anywho, life is going well for Tracy.  She was very tired today though, so she hopes to go to bed on time tonight.  I gotta work in the mornin, so I bettah.  Sorry luvs, won't be up late chattin tonight.  Or walkin.  No such luck.  Guess you'll just have to talk to me in the day time or *gasp* call me!  Yeah I don't have long distance for my ID pallies.  Sorry.  Oh in other news...it's sad to read my little red book.  I cried pretty well today, but I'm still happy.  Oh, please go SIGN UP for the "secret," kay?  (for more info see the latest rant!)  And if you haven't been here in a while, the sites page is workin.  Boo ya!  To those of you who check regularly, why haven't you joined the forum yet!  BUMS!
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