practical & obscure

second series outtakes current work journal
a hilarious look behind
the scenes of the second
series' recording sessions
an archive of clok's 
updates on the progress
of the second series
Vale's Interview Snowdrift Article
Audio piece on BIS by
Vale White for radio
prod class, April 2001
Article on BIS written by
Vale White for Snow's
newspaper, April 2001
KRCL promo second series timeline
30 second promo for the
entire series on KRCL
recording, finishing dates
in the history of the
second series of BIS
Lee's BOWEN number first series timeline
a musical medley
sampling sounds from
your favorite radio drama
recording, finishing dates
in the first series' history
first series outtakes Tredeau's review
the so-called "outtakes 
reel": lines goofed up
while recording eps 1-4
  review for a 1/2 hour 
version of BIS by NPR 
Playhouse producer
episode five preview   BIS poll archive
60 second MP3 clip
of the first episode in 
the second series
pass a glance at the
numbers that shape
bowen in space
BIS station at live365
pocket pal peter's 
streaming audio of the 
first four episodes
BIS commercial
audio a from video
commercial advertising 
the first series

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