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[Clark Gardner]

Bowen is a strange but relatively harmless fellow.  He's always getting bizzare ideas in his head with little information, and is constatntly acting on his crazy notions with little planning.

[Dan Beck]

Greg is married and somewhat sensible, but always ends up following Bowen around so he won't get in trouble alone.  He often takes charge of situations just to keep things going.

[Dave Crockett]

Graham plays bass for the on-ship band of the Le Ship Galactic Tours spacecruiser.  He has spent most of his professional life searching for the legendary Fretless Wonder, the electric bass to end all electric basses.  He is a fairly charming alien being, but can get distracted and sidetracked easily.

[Josh Clark]

The Troubled Soul is a quick-tempered, troubled, and mysterious small child.  He rarely wants to give away personal information & often surprises everyone with his spontaneous outbursts of commentary on everyone's current situation. 

[Angie Bingham]

Eustacia helps her father run a ship-rental shop on an uncharted forest planet.  She seems to have had a past with the Troubled Soul (who she calls "Archie"), and is convinced that they are going to run away together someday.  The Troubled Soul put it best by saying "she has her own special set of problems."

[Clark Gardner]

The Pocket Pal Peter is an electronic hockey puck shaped device that answers yes or no questions.  Graham bought it for Bowen at a tourist stop on the lovely paradise planet of Fintoozler.

[Dustin Beck]

Big Tony is the founder and head chef of Big Tony's Deli on a planet just outside Klazgolia Three (the location of the Fretless Wonder).  Famous for his beeforama succulent special, Big Tony is big on service but even bigger on profit.

[Joel Gardner]

Miviver Cheevy is the owner and operator of his alehouse and inn in a small villiage on Klazgolia Three.  He's pretty much the unofficial ringleader of  villiagers.  He is fun-loving, friendly, & merry, but very protective of his daughter, Sasha.

[Sonia Moseley]

As Miniver's daughter, Sasha ends up taking on the bulk of the alehouse's chores the "hired help" is responsible for, and  is constantly having to keep the hands of the local drunkards off of her.  Often embarrassed by her town's immature and careless behavior, she is happiest spending her time at the Crimson Mountain outside her villiage, researching the artifacts of an ancient civilization there.

[Gerald Lott]

Terrance is the local Klazgolian drunkard and rabel rouser.  He has tendancies to be very talkative and just as stubborn.  He quickly becomes a rival of the Troubled Soul's.

[Adam Knapp]

DwizzleDwarf is a singing nomad wandering the trails of Crimson Mountain on Klazgolia Three.  He's one of the last descendants of the Euphonra, Klazgolia's deceased musically-inclined civilization.

[Adam Talbot]

Mr. Zaalchine is Bowen's former landlord & the guitar player for the travelling band Graham played in years ago.  Zaalchine has spent the last few years on earth, researching.  He too seeks after the Fretless Wonder & the other Legendary Intstruments of the Cosmos, & will go to great lengths to obtain them.

[Weston Brady, Jr]

Larger than any robot or droid most have ever seen, Kilroy is Zaalchine's evil command-obeying droid of destruction.


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