-first series-

Sunday, Feb 13th 2000 [Variables, KRCL]
Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
Tuesday, Feb 20th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, July 1st 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Sep 7th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]

Convinced his landlord, Mr. Zaalchine, is in alien contact, Bowen manages to convince his friend Greg to help him investigate the goings on inside  Zaalchine's mysterious garage in the middle of the night.  They find Zaalchine contacting someone, using strange looking communication equipment.  There is a sudden malfunction and the garage explodes.
Sunday, Feb 20th 2000 [Variables, KRCL]
Tuesday, Jan 30th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
Tuesday, Feb 27th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, July 8th 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Sep 14th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]
Much to their surprise, Bowen and Greg discover that Zaalchine's exploding garage sent them into outer space.  They soon find themselves on a Le Ship Galactic Tours spacecruiser.  At the ship's cocktail lounge, Bowen meets an alien named Graham, who plays bass for the on-ship band.  Graham then informs him of his lifelong search for the legendary Fretless Wonder, the electric bass to end all electric basses.
Sunday, Feb 27th 2000 [Variables, KRCL]
Tuesday, Feb 6th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
Tuesday, March 6th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, July 15th 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Sep 21st 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]
At ship's opening dance social, Bowen discovers that his Pocket Pal Peter (an electronic hockey puck shaped device that answers yes or no questions) knows where the solar system with half a sun is, which is where the Fretless Wonder lies.  But an asteroid hits the ship and he drops the small yellow device.  The ship has to take an emergency landing un an uncharted forest planet.  They find the Pocket Pal Peter in the hands of a mysterious & quick tempered small child, known only to them as the Troubled Soul.  Bowen, Greg, and Graham chase him out onto the surface of the planet and pin him down, only to see the ship depart from the planet and leave them stranded.
Sunday, March 5th 2000 [Variables, KRCL]
Tuesday, Feb 13th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
Tuesday, March 20th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, July 22nd 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Oct 5th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]
Greg manages to convince the Troubled Soul to give them the Pocket Pal Peter back if they find him a way off the planet.  The four decide to split up in pairs and search for a spaceship.  Deep in the forest, Bowen and the Troubled Soul find a ship rental shop.  Inside they find a woman named Eustacia, who is convinced that the Troubled Soul (who she calls "Archie") has come to run away with her.  Instead of running away with Eustacia, Bowen and the Troubled Soul run away with one of her ships.  They pick up Greg and Graham and decide to find themselves a deli where they can relax and have a bite to eat.

-second series-

Tuesday, March 27th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, July 29th 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Oct 12th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]
Our heroes have been traveling towards Klazgolia Three (the planet orbiting half a sun) for a couple of weeks.  At Big Tony's Deli, just outside Klazgolia Three, Greg discovers that he must return to Earth that night or his wife will leave him for 500 acres of farmland in Wisconsin.  Graham stays behind with the intention of getting an early start towards their destination, but ends up getting kidnapped by Eustacia at the deli.  Bowen, Greg and the Troubled Soul make the speedy trek back to Earth through the nebuloid hyperspace junction and drop Greg off at the coast of the Pacific Ocean just in time. Hailing a final good bye to Greg, they begin the trip back to Graham, Klazgolia Three, and the Fretless Wonder.

Tuesday, April 3rd 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, Aug 5th 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Oct 19th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]

Bowen and the Troubled Soul land their stolen black ship on the desolate land of Klazgolia Three, where they agreed to meet Graham.  At a local alehouse run by a man named Miniver Cheevy, the owner's daughter tells them of these bright foreign objects she's seen falling out of the sky recently.  Convinced that what she saw was Graham in a spaceship, Bowen and the Troubled Soul investigate the area, and find Graham being held prisoner by Eustacia.  They are successful in freeing him, but Bowen is knocked out cold in the process.  As Graham and the Troubled Soul carry him back to the village, they see a man chasing a gigantic droid across the land; the man reminds Graham of his old buddy he used to play in a traveling band years ago, but doesn't think it really could have been him.
Tuesday, April 10th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, Aug 12th 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Oct 26th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]
Having recovered from the run-in with Eustacia, our heroes are ready to begin their endeavor for the Fretless Wonder.  Since Sasha is the village's Crimson Mountain expert, they want her to accompany them along their journey.  They ask permission from Miniver at the alehouse's late night dance jig,  but he won't let her.  She finally tells them she'll meet up with them secretly that night and help them get started up the mountain.
Tuesday, April 17th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, Aug 19th 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Nov 2nd 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]
After a brief run-in with a local drunkard named Terrance, in which Graham lends away the Pocket Pal Peter, our heroes finally begin their pursuit up Crimson Mountain.  Sasha leads Bowen and the Troubled Soul to a cave that is supposed to contain ancient artifacts, but is shocked to discover they have all been destroyed.  The find the person responsible-- the man with the huge robot Graham and the Troubled Soul saw before.  Our heroes are amazed to discover it is Zaalchine, his former landlord, and are even more amazed to discover that Zaalchine is Graham's old buddy he played with in a traveling band years ago.  Still seeking after the legendary instruments, Zaalchine threatens our heroes to leave the mountain or risk destruction.
Tuesday, April 24th 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, Aug 26th 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Nov 9th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]
DwizzleDwarf, a local traveling nomad, warns our heroes to steer clear of a mystic well on the mountain.  They fail to heed to his warnings and the well somehow transports them into a high-tech looking underground room.  Reading the writings there, Sasha learns of more historical structures on Crimson Mountain that contain artifacts.  A bad feeling hits Bowen and he insists they leave the chamber at once.  Just as they depart, a deafening explosion destroys the underground room.  Zaalchine and Kilroy, his command obeying droid of destruction, claim responsibility.  Thinking the explosion has killed the Troubled Soul, they knock Bowen out cold and take Sasha with them, planning to force her into showing them the correct way to the instruments.  The Troubled Soul comes out of hiding only to see Graham standing next to Bowen's fallen figure, and they realize that they are in a very sore position.

Tuesday,  May 1st 2001 [Other Brick, KAGE]
 Sunday, Sep 2nd 2001 [Euph Distortion, KRCL]
Friday, Nov 16th & 30th 2001 [Time Warp, KAGE]

With the planet's deadly storms approaching closer and closer, Bowen, Graham and the Troubled Soul locate a temple structure high on the mountain that shows them the way to the dark cave where the Fretless Wonder awaits.  Still in bad shape from Kilroy's blast, Bowen is too weak to go on with Graham and the Troubled Soul on this last leg of their journey.  Meanwhile, Sasha manages to trick Kilroy into jumping off a cliff to his death and escapes the clutches of Zaalchine in the fog.  She meets up with Bowen and gives him the root from a selpa tree to heal his wounds.  Using the Threshold of Communication in the temple structure he makes an interstellar long-distance call to Greg's wife, who gives them the details of the surroundings of Zaalchine's house -- crucial information in obtaining the legendary instruments.

Using a set of magic stones the Troubled Soul gained from DwizzleDwarf when he learned of their journey, the Troubled Soul and Graham pass through a series of challenges through the dark cave atop the mountain.  Bowen and Sasha appear just in time to utilize the information they gained from Greg's wife and finally lead them to the Fretless Wonder and the other Legendary Instruments of the Cosmos.  After thwarting an attack put forth by the returning Zaalchine, the planet's deadly storms finally begin and the mountain begins to fall apart with the shaking.  Amazingly, Eustacia appears in her ship appears above the mountain and saves everyone but Sasha, who DwizzleDwarf promises to keep safe in his secure asylum on the mountain.

Aboard her ship, Eustacia apologizes to the Troubled Soul for her doings and leaves them with the ship.  Stopping only to pick up the Pocket Pal Peter in the panicking town below and hail a final goodbye to Miniver Cheevy, our heroes ascend into space with their long-sought treasure and leave Klazgolia Three behind them, their journey finally coming to a satisfactory and successful close.

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