Montouhotep II:

Montouhotep II is the founder of the middle kingdom and the 11th dynasty since he reunited Egypt after years of disorder.During his reign, constructions took place in many sites of which are: El Kab-Gebelein, Tod, Deir El Ballas, Dendera and Abydos.

But the most important of these constructions is the temple-tomb he errected on the west bank of Thebes at Deir El Bahari to the South of his predecessors' tombs.

Montouhotep II(reign:2060-2010 B.C.)
Montouhotep(birth name)
Nebheptre (coronation name)
Father Na
Mother Na
Spouses Na
Sons Na
Daughters Na
Built a temple-tomb at Deir El Bahari
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Sesostris III:Sesostris III

Sesostris III concentrated on agricultural development projects (such as widening up Bahr Youssef canal near Fayoum) rather than building constructions that would serve the king in his second life(after his death).
He divided Egypt into three administrative regions (North-South-Elephantine and lower Nubia) each ruled by a governor.

Sesostris III (reign:1878-1841 B.C.)
Sesostris (birth name)
Kharkaoure (coronation name)
Father Na
Mother Na
Spouses Na
Sons Amenemhat III
Daughters Na
Built a temple for Montou at Medamoud
(North of Karnak)
Built a pyramid at Dahchour
Added six granite statues in the colonade of
Montouhotep's temple at Deir el Bahari
Lead military campaigns in Nubia and Syria
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Amenemhat III:

Amenmhat III

Amenemhat III ruled Egypt for 45 years. His reign was marked by a great interest in agricultural development in Fayoum. Although he reigned for a long time, few are the remaining inscriptions that mention Amenemhat III. Over 90% of these inscriptions were found in Sinai and outside the Egyptian borders.

Amenemhat III built himself, like Snefrou did, two pyramids: one of 114 x 114 meters at Dahchour and the other one of 112 x 112 at Hawara.

Amenemhat III (reign:1842-1797 B.C.)
Amenemhat (birth name)
Ammenemes (in greek)
Nimaat Re (coronation name)
Father Sesostris III
Mother Na
Spouses Na
Sons Na
Daughters Na
Built a temple for the god Sobek at Kiman Faris
Built 2 pyramids:at Dahchour and Hawara
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After years of Hyksos occupation of the northern parts of Egypt,and after several attempts to free the country from the invaiders,comes king Ahmosis who beats them and re-unites the country under his reign after having lost his father Seqnenre Tan II and brother in combats against the Hyksos.
A new dynasty begins with his reign and becomes one of the most important dynasties in the pharaonic history.

Ahmosis (reign:1570-1546 B.C.)
Ahmose (Ahmosis in greek)
Nebpehtyre (coronation name)
Father Seqnenre Tan II
Mother Ahhotep
Spouses none
Sons none
Daughters none
Freed Egypt from the Hyksos
Founded the XVIII th dynasty
Several campaigns in Syria and Nubia
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Queen Hatchepsout:

Hatchepsout was the only remaining child of king Thutmosis I (who was not of royal blood) and princess Ahmes (who was-most probably-the sister of Amenophis I) after the death of her 2 brothers: prince Amenmes and prince Ouadjmes and her sister princess Neferoubity(or Akhbitneferou).

But Thutmosis I had a son from a second marriage:Amenophis II who married his half sister Hatchepsout. Thutmosis II had a daughter from Hatchepsout:Neferoure and a son from his concubine Isis.The boy was the famous Thutmosis III.

Hatchepsout After the death of Thutmosis II,his son,Thutmosis III-who was only 4 or 5 years old-took over the throne.Two years after Thutmosis III's reign,Hatchepsout got rid of him and took hold of Egypt. But how did a lady rule Egypt?
Hatchepsout,to convince the people that she was the King,claimed one of the most original stories of the egyptian history:
Hatchepsout claimed that god Amon took the form of her father and visited her mother who was sleeping.The lovely smell of the god woke her up.Amon revealed his divine form and his love penetrated Ahmoses' body. Amon told Ahmoses that Hat Shepset(the one who has the head of the nobles) would be the name of the girl he placed in her body and that she(Hat Shepset) would rule Egypt. Moreover,Amon called Hatchepsout "my daughter" which allows her to become king.
This story is written on the walls of the divine birth room in Karnak temple.

Hatchepsout (reign:1498-1483 B.C.)
Maatkare (coronation name)
Father Thutmosis I
Mother Ahmes
Thutmosis II
Thutmosis III(?)
Sons None
Daughters Neferoure
Temple of Deir el Bahari
Expedition to Pount
Two obelisks at Karnak temple
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