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   You know my name by now
  though you did before that night
  on your choice to drink and drive
  cost me my life

  Can you see my family
  how their hearts full of pain
  or hear my mother cry at night
  She will never be the same

  Have you seen the flowers
  friends have placed upon my grave Or heard the sadness in my family and friends voices
  when they mention my name

  How easily life was lost
  because you failed to count the cost

I'm at peace,
  For you I now pray,
  you must bare this burden
Each and everyday.

Memorial Page
  Brandy April Talbot
Born  March 18 1985 --- Killed  July 29 2000
Angel Outside My Window

I sit here in my room  wondering
what's going to happen when I go
to sleep. Am I going to die?
Am I going to fly?
Is some one I love so much
going to die?

But we can't predict this. 
God has a planned   
all our lives one by one.

And what may happen to me
I hope everybody will remember me.

   Brandy Talbot..
    Of  Oakland , Maryland
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