Alzheimer's:Coping With Alzheimer's Disease by Denise Cooper

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Currently, there is an estimated 4 million Americans afflicted with Alzheimers Disease (AD).It is expected that more than 34 million people worldwide will develop Alzheimer?s disease by 2025 if an effective form of prevention and treatment are not found.

The cost of caring for a person with AD is extremely high, an estimated $4.4 billion dollars per year is covered by the government, states cover an additional $4.1 billion per year. Most of the remaining costs fall on the patient and their family.

If you think that Alzheimers won't affect you, perhaps you better think again. We are an aging society and the prevalence of the disease is increasing dramatically. Doctors now look at people between the ages of 30-50 and see the next generation of AD suffers. Could that be you, your mom, dad, sister, brother?

If anyone had of told me in 1987, that in just a few years I would become my mothers full-time caregiver because of Alzheimers I would not have believed them. You see, my mother graduated from our local college, at the age of 72, June, 1987, the oldest person ever. She received her AA and a standing ovation from her class. Yet, just a few years later the signs of AD began to rear their ugly heads. The forgetfulness, agitation, distraction, confusion etc...

In 1995 I had to move my mom in with me and have been her care provider since, 7 days a week, 24hrs. a day. It is very hard and sometimes just terrible but, I would not change it. I grieve for the mother that I once knew and care for the being that has become. There is nothing else one can do.

I invite you to read my Journal, it is an ongoing account of our day to day life. I also have a few short stories, hints for coping page and web links to other related sites. I hope that they are useful to you.

Please Sign My Guestbook. I enjoy knowing that you have been here, your feed back is important to me. If you like you can E-MAIL with questions, concerns or just to have someone that understands.

Good luck and GOD bless.

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