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Travel Agency

There are many travel agencies in Hatyai, especially in the city centre. These travel agents provide a comprehensive range of services for travellers including flight and coach reservations, hotel bookings, foreign exchange facilities, local tours, car or van rental, airport transfers, ticket for erotic dance shows etc.

All inbound coaches to Hatyai will stop outside the travel agencies that they are affiliated to, so travellers need not have to waste time looking for one. However do note that you are not obligated to use their services, and can go to any other travel agencies for your needs. Prices of the services varies among the travel agencies, so you may want to shop around if you can.

Travel agents around town can nearly give better rates for hotel rooms compared to walk-in rates. When you express your interest on a hotel to them, they will inform you of the rate, as well as contacting the hotel for room availability. If there are rooms available of your choice, then you shall make payment to the travel agent, upon which you be given a hotel voucher. You shall use this voucher to check into your hotel. Remember not to lose this voucher as it is a form of receipt that you have made your hotel booking.

You can also book your airline tickets through these travel agents. Service charge is between 100 to 150baht.

Beware of touts outside the travel agency offices. They will try to misled you that they are from the travel agency office, and will offer you a free ride to your hotel in their minivan or any other forms of vehicle. There is no such free service provided by the travel agencies. These touts are not employees of the travel agencies, and their purpose is to bring you to places later where they can get commission from the establishments. So please do avoid them, and just flag a tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi to bring you to your hotel. You may read more about it on this page

Here are some of the travel agencies in Hatyai take from a website. In the forums, the recommended ones are Chan Travel, Davis Tour and Lovely Tour.

Travel Agency
Address & Telephone No
Travel Agency
Address & Telephone No
99 Coachland Enterprise & Tour
142 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-223 621
M & R Tours
194/3 Niphat Uthit Road, Tel 074-354 877
Archipelago Travel Service
5 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-223 059
Manee Tour & Travel Service
33 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-231 830
Angel Travel Service
118 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Tel 074-245 620
Mices 2004 Travel
26 Prachathipat Road, Tel 074-235 086
AS Travel Service
65/3 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-237 325
New Asia Tours & Travel
45/1 Sanehanusorn Road, Tel 074-354 177
Blueship Travel Co Ltd
2 Soi Por Au Sanon, Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-261 014
New Hoover Tour
160 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-245 502
Boss Tour & Travel Service
26/1 Kimpradit Road, Tel 074-261 316
New Indah Tour
140 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-232 218
C&P Tour Hatyai
129/1 Niphat Uthit Road, Tel 074-233 388
NV Tour & Service
7 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-354 445
Chan Travel
24/2 Sanehanusorn Road, Tel 074-223 729, 074-231 950
P&B Tour
221 Niphat Uthit 1 Road, Tel 074-238 858
Davis Tour & Travel Service
9 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-236 593
Pacific Airbooking Co Ltd
149/1 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Tel 074-225 092
Gold Travel
53 Sanehanusorn Road, Tel 074-233 917
Pan Siam Enterprise & Tours
Tours 115 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Tel 074 237 494
Happy Tour
42 Prachathipat Road, Tel 074-351 475
S&L Fantastic Tour
194/5 Niphat Uthit 1 Road, Tel 074-239 351
Hatyai Inter Top Tour
149 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-354 397
Saeng Travel Service
135 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Tel 074-233 566
Hatyai JR Tour
18/7 Sanehanusorn Road, Tel 074-243 287
Siam Enterprise & Tour
230 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Tel 074-354 656
Hatyai 707 Tours
132/2 Niphat Uthit 3e Road, Tel 074-243 138
Siam Holiday & Tour
37 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-235 970
Hatyai Lucky Tour
129/10 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-236 596
Sing Thai Tour Express
72/3 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-245 910
Hatyai Smile Tour
19 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-221 574
Sintavee Tour
27/1 Niyomrat Road, Tel 074-354 995
Hatyai Variety Travel Service
32 Prachathipat Road, Tel 074-351 280
Super Oriental Holidays Tour
14/1 Sheutit Road, Tel 074-354 053
Holiday Travel Service
139/1 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-231 845
Thaksin Tour
151/23 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Tel 074-355 791
Hock Thai Travel Co Ltd
1 Preedarom Road, Tel 074-233 075
Thanaporn Tour
219 Niphat Uthit 1 Road, Tel 074-262 390
I Travel & Service
79/7 Thamnoonvithi Road, Tel 074-223 026
TR Inter Tour
19 Kimpradit Road, Tel 074-354 387
JP Overseas Call & Fax Centre
30, Sheutit Road, Tel 074-354 224
TS Tour & Service
60 Sanehanusorn Road, Tel 074-247 847
Lovely Tours
132/5 Niphat Uthit Road, Tel 074-232 738
Yuyi Travel Enterprise
145 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Tel 074-354 214

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