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Eden Prairie, MN
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"to speak of touch people's hearts and souls and to awaken that part of humankind that has forgotten that it matters enormously how a baby comes into the world...that is our task." --Vicki Chan and Nic Edmondstone from "In Union",
In 1998, after years of fear of childbirth, I became pregnant with my daughter, Rhianna.  Not knowing what to expect, I tried to prepare myself by reading books, watching TV shows, and taking childbirth classes.  All these things did prepare me in a sense, but did not fully impart the intense emotional connection I would have with my labor and birth.  Supported by my wonderful husband and loving mother, I had a fairly average labor with no major traumas, and a beautiful healthy baby girl, although a month early.  Perhaps I needed that extra month to fully prepare, or perhaps my preconceived fears were too strong to overcome, but something about this birth frightened me and that carried over into my new role as a mother.  I lacked confidence and felt alone after the birth, despite the unending support and partnership of my husband.

Two years later, pregnant with my son, Cameron, I did much of the same preparation, and considered an epidural.  But something was different this time; I had a midwife who was able to stay with me throughout my labor (slow night at the hospital) in addition to my husband and mom birth team.  This midwife made me feel very calm, confident, and she rubbed my feet!!  I didn't know the term then, but in a sense she acted as my doula.  My fear of labor subsided.  I felt a trust in the process of birth that I didn't have the first time and allowed myself to surrender to it.  This birth was wonderful; I felt powerful and primal.  And I never wanted an epidural.

Watching and supporting a woman through labor as she transitions into motherhood gives me such a sense of purpose.  I love helping a woman discover her own power and trust in birth.  One of my favorite things about attending a couple in birth is seeing a new dad look at his partner with amazement and pride as she births their child.  I love that moment in labor when a dad's concern and even fear turn to trust and faith in the mom, and when he realizes his unique ability to birth with her as only he can. I love helping couples work together through labor, and witnessing the bond between them as it is strengthened by their birth as parents. 

I feel the birth experience itself can have as much impact on new parents as the final outcome.  Even a "healthy baby" can be acheived at the expense of the mother's physical and emotional well-being.  Every woman's experience is unique and personal, and I honor your informed choices, whatever they may be.  I recently formed a partnership with my backup doula, Beth McAllister, who is very similar to me in style, philosophy, even age and the makeup of our familiies.  We offer 2 prenatal visits to get to know each other, develop your birth vision, address specific concerns, discuss maternal and fetal positioning, and demonstrate comfort and relaxation techniques.  We use many comfort techniques including massage, water, positioning, movement, aromatherapy, visualization, breathing, and anything else requested.  We also help establish breastfeeding, and offer a postpartum home visit where we discuss your birth and newborn care.  Please see our agreement for more details.

We have personal experience with pre-term labor, bedrest, non-medicated/non-interventive labor, colic, and breastfeeding difficulties (and joys!).  We have attended births at every hospital in the Twin Cities, and have attended homebirth, VBAC and Cesarean births as well.  We are certified through Doulas of North America (DONA), and members of the Minneapolis Childbirth Collective.  We also have several books we can loan out. 

The birth of your baby is a once in a lifetime event, and will have a profound influence on you for the rest of your life.  Believe in your innate knowledge and ability to birth your baby.  Congratulations!

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