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NEXT WEIGH IN: February 21, 2002

Welcome! I decided to start creating this website as a tool for myself in "downsizing", as I like to call it. I started Weight Watchers on January 12, 2002. But then I realized that maybe I can help someone who wants to lose weight too by sharing my journey, so here it is in all its glory! This website is a constant work in progress just as my weight loss is. I haven't always been overweight but over a course of time, I became unhappy and stopped taking care of myself. I have started healing on the inside and now on the outside as well. I realize it isn't going to be easy but I am ready for it. I am going into my fifth week with Weight Watchers and am kickin' butt and takin' names! LOL, but seriously, I am doing well and am very determined to get to goal. Please email me or sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of my site. Thanks for visiting!


My Reasons is a page of reasons for my journey to a new me. I add to it constantly as a reminder to myself what I want and what is is that I need.

Weight Tracker is my weight loss chart. It charts the date and the pounds lost or gained. Also contains my goals that have been reached.

Inspirations is the inspiration I pull from friends and family. Also plan to add poems and stories in the future.

Before and After Pics will come later as I lose more.

My Journal is entries on my weight loss journey. I usually write in my journal at least once a week to reflect on any mistakes or successes I have had for the week.

Links will contain links to weight watcher resource sites, success stories, and other health information.

Tips are ideas I have found from the net and weight watcher meetings. They help me stay on track.



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