The Fallen Angel
After 4 years, I've finally decided to re-write my page. After all, I was in Form 5, in the middle of my IGCSEs when I first wrote this page. Anyway, times have changed, I'm a university student now, and well, if you think I've matured, have I got something to tell you...YEAH RIIIIIIIGHT!!!
Anyway, welcome to my scrapyard, and feel free to dig through all the trash here. Hopefully you won't gain too much insight into the weird and wacky person that I am. I've left the humour section *for laughs, of course* and added several more recent photos. There's also info about me, my friends, what I like and what I don't. It also contains links to other pages that I find interesting or that belong to people I know. that's all the boring stuff...
OK, well on a last note, if you think something looks strange or just don't like what you see, then you can either (a) give me a break or (b) scram since it's MY page, and I'll put what I like in it, whether you like it or not! But (constructive) critisism is always welcome. I apologize about the bareness of this page...Too lazy to put in the time to improve it. Take care, and have fun browsing!
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The Fallen Angel
Welcome to my little spot in cyberspace...don't get lost!
"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.."
~ Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)
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If you could look into my brain, what would you see? What do you think I'd be thinking about? Read some of my Random Thoughts:
(To avoid cluttering, only the 3~4 most recent Thoughts will be shown below. The others are on the RTFIT page)
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A little section called "Hyperintelligent Quotes" as well as a list of pet peeves I have...New photos up and Links page updated...
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RTFIT 58: (11/4/2003)- Written 10 hours before my physics final:

"Anyone with a car/bus/train/plane who knows me is required to meet me (in your mode of transportation) today at 1:50 pm on University Avenue West near East Side Mario's. I will be dress in blue with bloodshot eyes and I will be crossing the street. Please hit me as hard as you can, and don't look back. Thank you."

No one showed. Hmph.
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"If you went to UW, you'd smile and wrap a plastic bag over your head, too."
                   ~  Dain Bramage.
RTFIT 59: (27/4/2003)- I'm in England! Yay! I decided to visit my friend Caroline on my way home to Mauritius, so I arrived here on Friday afternoon and now it's Sunday. I'll be taking the plane this afternoon to go back HOME! Anyway, walked into town yesterday (I'm staying at Caroline's in Brighton), took us a fair bit of time. Oooof, haven't walked that much in a while. Did some sightseeing, and you know what? After Waterloo, this place is NICE! Saw lotsa, whatcha-call-it...'culture'...around, and loads of people sitting in the streets drinking tea and reading books :o) Hehehe. Pure British thing. We went to the Lanes to see all the shops and I was taken to see the 'pebble beach', which was very...different. I never knew there were beaches of stone! Enough for now...gotta get ready to go HOME! I can't wait! :o)
RTFIT 60: (3/5/2003)- Home at last! I got back on Monday morning, and since then, I haven't done too much. I went to visit my old high school and teachers, and some friends. Dropped by Reduit Stadium where Wildcats'll remember we trained after school during the good ole days. I was also offered a job, so yesterday I went in as a substitute teacher, and I'll be going back for next week too :o) Just like 2 years ago, except lots of the kids have grown since then. Kids tend to do that.

I went to watch a musical last night, with my mum and aunt. "Paul et Virginie" a famous love story written by uh...I think it's Bernadin de St Pierre. It was put on by a cast from the neighboring island of La Reunion. The songs were awesome, the actors were really really good too! I wish they were selling the soundtrack...I would have bought one. I went to the beach for a swim! It was awesome...I like just floating, staring at the sky. I've waiting a long time to do that...