Dark Poetry
Draconis Blackthorne

Black Heart Poetry
by Draconis Blackthorne

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Candlemas Evil | Black Dragon Phoenix | Samhain's Return | Halloween | Halloween XL | Nine Spiders | Krampusnacht | Red Storm | The Frost | Black Sun | Devil Mother | The Swing | Satan Walks The Night | The Dragon Cometh | Basilisk Arising | An Evilove Poem | The Nyte of The Ghoul | It Was Halloween Evening... | Devil Father | The Satanist | Retrograde | The Mail At Midnight | Angel Lust | Zoroaster

Candlemas 'Evil'
February 1st, XLIV A.S.

Descent to Hell, Return again
Ouroborous sheds His skin
Purified in Abyssal Flame
Emerge anew, redoubled strength
Rebirthing torrent, timeless wise
Apotheosis realized

Mighty Dragon, blackest thorns
Daemon spawn, Devil born
God of Moon with Venus rise
Infernal light, Mercury rides
Darkest Angel of The Night

The heart of Winter glows with Lust
Ebon flow upon the snow
Shadows grow from the fire
Flicker by the Nocturne pyre

Candlemas Evil is Satan reborn.

* Note: "Candlemas Evil" is a play on the words 'Candlemas Eve'.

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Black Dragon Phoenix

The Wheel has turned, by season's churn
Blackest flames twist and burn
Infernal Dragon birthed
The sphere is one, the sphere is none
A timeless secret not undone...

Passing through the looking glass
Travel through the chasm vast
Reflection manifest The Will
Emerge in the eternal now...

Rejuvenation, transformation
The fires within purify
Crossing through the swirling gate
The Third Eye opens wide...

In the darkness of regeneration
The serpent sheds its skin
Omnipotent visualization
Begins anew again...

Drawing deep, the shadow fang
Piercing eyes, and heart, and brain
Immortal form, Hellish born...

Black Phoenix flies, forever night!
In Power, Joy, unending Might!

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Samhain's Return
By Draconis Blackthorne

Samhain's Return by Draconis Blackthorne
Goblins and ghouls begin to creep
Into the realm of mortals they seep
Dancing, carousing, it captures their minds
To replicate same, if just for a time

Welcome again into My world
A glimpse of the Magic enchantment unfirled
A tip o' the horns, a curl of the tail
The howl of a wolf, the moan of a gale

The Gates are agape, from caverns below
The fiery rictus, the carven glow
Reflections upon the overcast sky
Overshadows the land from tempestuous high

Skeletal trees scratch at the air
Filled with the scents of carnival faire
Impending darkness grows day by day
Chases the curse of the blindlight away

Gaze in wide wonder at the marvels I bring
A season eternal of nightmares and dreams
The phantoms come closer on this Halloween
Filling the evenings with laughter and screams!

The multimedia proliferation has begun, and even though we Satanists preserve our total environments, it is pleasing to see the evocations manifest to dominate society again.

Description: Baphomet is festive with this Halloween display, complete with ornamentation representing the archetypes of this splendid season. A collage of evocations conjured up from the dark subconscious, framed by the trapezohedron which here acts as a window to the said subconscious. The serpent above configures the dreaded Number of The Beast with his symmetry, as Thirteen crowns The Baphomet form, suggesting the exploitation of these fun-fears for diabolical amusement.

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A cold familiar chill cascades from the West
The rictus of the Jack 'O' Lantern glows through the night
Sweet dreams of archetypal splendor greets smiles and fright
As children laugh and play with Trick or Treat delight
'Neath the pall of the Grim One's sight...

The skeletal trees athrust to the sky
Leaves blown by the wind of the whispering breeze
The House there stands vacant, or so it seems
Then who's are the eyes that peer through the beams?

Devil Moon nigh, peers from on high
Flooding the earth with blue-crimson light
Vampires and Werewolves arise for a "bite"
Nightmares alive in glory and might!

Black candles a-shimmer in the beautious gloom
The shadows take shape in the depths of your room
The demons, the devils, the ghouls and the ghosts
The Gates are cast open, we welcome the hosts
Our brothers and sisters from Hellish Abodes
By thunder and lightning, the ravens have flown...

The Sabbath bell calls through black haunted halls
Baphomet's smile in daemonic guile
By Satan, Lucifer descends Leviathan to Belial
Looming spechtrous by words of Spell
Lingering shades, All Hallow's Eve
By what was spoken, shall soon be reaped
In pleasure, in passion, in feral grace
Halloween's wonders, come take thy place!

G r a p h i c

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Halloween XL

As spooks flood the streets and The Presence of Samhain lingers heavy on this night, and all those archetypal images pour forth from the darkness of the subconcious, materializing from the imagination into the third dimension, so let the candles burn bright in your Chambres, and gatherings be blessed with Lucifer's infernal light. The Names are spoken and the pleasures of the flesh are indulged amidst Baphomet's sight. Hail Halloween! Hail Satan!
Daemons dance with creatures from darkened fane
Donned in vestments of evocative bane
The world catches but a glimpse of Hell
As robed phantoms utter omnipotent words of spell

Nightmares come alive in joy and in dread
We remain amused at the teeming masses as dusk enfolds the land
The Gates creek open with echoing voices
Rising up from The Abyss only we understand

Our tenebrous creations come to be!
In spectral visions again set free
So hear the tolling of the bell
The Sabbath is here, I wish you well!

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Nine Spiders

I have nine spiders on the wall
Short and fat, thin and tall
Big and small, graceful all
Bearing The Devil's mark...

graphic There they float above your head
Spin and crawl near the bed
Arachnoid world, rule to themselves
Ghostly shrouds, tapestries exquisite
Ornament the corners of the rooms...

Bridges spun from frame to frame
With a visit, bestow a name
And with a greet, a welcomed sight
From the shadows, Mammon's light
Sets the mind to wonder of the treasures which are to come...

A strategic plan
Again to feed upon fresh meat
Mummified corpses of previous feasts
Dance to the slightest breeze...

What a spectacle to behold
The flux of life and death
Beneath the stare of glistening black eyes
Beneath the crush of eight legs
Utter a last breath
Ebbing life sustains the beast...

Nine spiders decorate high above
Nine stars in the night sky
A pleasure to share My Lair
With creatures such as you.

Inspired by viewing nine of these delightful fellows currently sharing the Lair.

G r a p h i c

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By Draconis Blackthorne, December 6, Krampusnacht, XLII A.S.

On Krampusnacht...

The Krampus comes forth, ringing thine bell
From out of the darkness, resounding from Hell
Displaying thy rictus, switchel in hand
A demonic vision now walks the land

On Krampusnacht...

Krampii of every shape, color, and size
A devil's procession, yule fire aglow in their eyes
A messenger of nightmarish fane
This bearded beast with horn-crowned mane

On Krampusnacht...

Villagers cower with whispered prayers
Fearsome shadows cast with dusk to bring the night
Torches aflame with scent of brimstone's pyre
And some will vanish into thine black embrace
A thorny gash, a scion's choir

On Krampusnacht...

{ G r a p h i c }

Table of Contents

Red Storm

Hell hath opened in the West
To the sound of rumbling skies
Spell of breath felt in bone
Magnifies visions of the mind...

Demon's face looms cumulus
Gazing at the blackened earth
Reflections in The Devil's Eye
Sparks of falling flame ingite
Aflash to split the land asunder...

Rolling erubescence
Blasting reverberation
Abyssal voice proliferation
Ancient elemental...

The tempest forms tenebrous shapes
Conjured by the carnal brain
Dancing shadows in the night
The music of the rain
Lente, andante
Sing infernal names...

The nightmare of the dream
Manifest for all to see
But what is it that is perceived
In the beauty of the storm...

G r a p h i c

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The Frost

Winter's shroud unfurled by dark wind's swirl
Banshee's wail with moan of gale
Life's breath, a ghostly mist
Rise from the fires of the hellmouth...
Wolfen howls from snowcapped peaks
Runs red from the beastial feast
Perked flesh blush in the cold
The flames of passion will unfold...
Skeleton trees, stalact-ice gleam
Belial's face, an abyss of steam
The white-veiled frosted dream
A painting yet to be seen...
A world lays still beneath the gaze
The timeless portraits in the haze
Secrets hidden in the maze
Reveal themselves by light of day
Yet in the earth some will stay
Arising forth, when they may...
The Frost returns with a breeze
Growing steady to a freeze
Hail, Satan, sleet, and snow
Parad-ice of Northern flow...
Ravens squawk upon the boughs
Speaking words of mental prose
Snowflakes frame their unique grace
Purifying Terra's face...

G r a p h i c

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Black Sun

Black Sun Hellemental...

Sphere of darkened fane
Welcomes night to the day
The solstice meets thy face
Constellation's grace
Belies thy fearsome symmetry
Six by three in trinity...

Black Sun lumanescent...

Nine aglow in thine fetters
Sorath awakened through the void
Dragon shifts by shadow star
Fathoms reaching forth...

Black Sun turns...

The heavens burn
The obelisk enflamed
The shadow glows
The serpent flows
The Devil's mark upon the flesh
Ignites the inner flame...

Black Sun revolution
Diurnal retroversion
Nocturnal evolution
Blindlight disillusion...


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Devil Mother

Loins aflame in Hellfire
Twisted transmutations
Rode The Beast upon The Black Earth
Supped the milk of Lust
To bring the abomination forth...

There the creature stirred
In the womb of blackest dark
Spawned in nightmarish thrall
Bane of mortals and blindlight...

Unto the fullness of her breast
Nectar-laden ecstasy flows into the cup
Eternal Mother of The Night
Infernal Gods expectant...

A Magic blessed night
Fires burned high 'neath the haloed moon
Chanting of the phantoms opens the Gates
The Horned One presides...

Demonic seed germinates
Upon The Sabbath dusk
A turn of Nine in timelessness
The chosen bride possessed...

In pangs of pain and bliss
The Pentagram wheel marks another enchanted pike
In the heart of frost and storm
Devil incarnate born...

Devil Mother, Daemon Madonna
We hail Thee this night
By thy grace, the pit of Hell
Thine cloak holds comfort to its own...

A Birthday poem in Homage to My dear Mother.

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The Swing

I see an empty swing blowing in the wind
With a squeak and a creek
A remnant of a bygone time...

I hear a faint song floating in the breeze
A distant echo in the mind
A tune long forgotten by the world...

The sickly scent of flowers
Lingers in the air
When something caught My eye in the mist...

I see a little girl upon the rusty swing
Rocking back and forth
Smiling and care-free
With a doll that looks just like her...

I found that doll one day
While searching in the attic
And placed her on that swing...

Now every time the wind blows
Rocking back and forth
I hear that song again
And the distant sound of laughter...

Table of Contents

Satan Walks The Night

This poem was written in a polemical style, drawn from My own nocturnal constitutionals, & is as the reflective Satanic personafication of The Self.

In solitude, by moonlight's stare
A darkened figure goes walking there
Amidst the leaves, all strewn about
Among the trees without a sound
Save for the tapping on the ground...

A windsept night, an autumn's chill
A shadow stretches across the hill
A stranger walks outside your sill
While you're asleep, while you are still
Where does he go? What does he want? What does it know, why does it haunt?

They say the Devil walks the night abouts
As tall as a tree, as broad as a house
To catch his gaze is to feel his force
To know he's there, is enough, of course
So if you ever cross his path
Stand clear away & let Him pass
Or join him by his side, My friend
I welcome you with Me again...

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The Dragon Cometh

A Draconian / Lovecraftian excerpt from a novel I Am composing.

And the girl was tied unto the marble pillar, where blood hath crusted upon the chains, & the rocks were coloured erubescent by those who had been before. With a horror she realized her fate, as the sounds crept up from the vast deep. And the words were spoken, the summoning was complete, & now, all that was left was the terrible truth that was to come...

And there it was, a looming shadow spechtrous, taking up the whole of the sky. Her resisitance was futile, she became subserviant to the massive force, willingly convulsing in ecstatic rapport. An embrace now, fear turned to pleasure, but not altogether gone, which drove her ever higher. And then shadow blended into night, behold, they were gone from site!"

Table of Contents

Basilisk Arising

I. I stir as a great Black Dragon, in the steams of this great cavern-lair, the earth beneath Me cracking & quaking as I step. My great wings folded about Me as a black cape, My eyes resonant, pulsating with Infernal Light. My mighty jaws clench with tusk-like fangs, dripping with venom, & the blood of My prey.
II. I turn My fearsome head upwards, horns arching into the crying sky, the crimson droplets cascading along My crimson scales, as enormous muscles flex upon the behemoth-beast. My nightmarish roar shakes the great oaks, inflicting the mortal fear of impending doom unto the puny hearts of every breathing creature, as they gasp in terror. My serpantine tongue slides out to lick the taste of flesh & carrion I have devoured.
III. I see above Me the souls of those whom I have consumed, flailing madly in the hazy air. At once, the ancient Pentagram upon My thick brow emminates lustre, resonating upon those poor wraiths, thus entrapping them within its five points.
IV. I arch My back, tail writhing, wings spread wide, I launch My mammoth form into the thundering sky, gliding as a monster-daemon through the black mists of the darkness, & across the glowing face of the moon.
V. I turn My massive head downards, upon a helpless population, listening for the cries & supplications of My spawn, emparting My hellish blessings upon them. filling their black hearts with My evilove.
VI. From cavernous bowels of the Underworld was I born - & on that fearful, magical night, I heard the gods cry, for their slayer hath been conceived. The megalithic nocturnal One made flesh...
VII. Woe unto thee, O earth, sea, & heavens, the Dark Prophesy shall be fulfilled, the omens fortell visions yet to come...

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An Evilove Poem

A clairevoyant spechtre besets the mind in the twilight hours; a timeless vision surfaces once more to possess the night.

Can you hear the winds whisper through the trees?
The sounds of Love & Joy betoken things to come
Can you hear the beating heart in the dark?
Or a tear slowly rolling down a cheek?
Do you feel a shadow comforting your soul?
The cool rustle of beating wings?
The rush of waterfalls
The trickle of a stream
Or the dampened black soil beneath your feet?

The stars shine in your eyes
Elightening My heart
Bestowing Love & Grace unto My weary soul
Until you came near
All was hate & fear
And now with you, there is so much more to know
As the angels cry, deep into My eyes
All My substance calls forth the angel dark...

Can anything quite compare to your beauty?
I say nay
Your hair is like the waterfall
The moon is in your eyes
Your touch is as a feather's dance
Your breath is like a breeze of hypnotizing mist
The music of your voice enchants My soul
Bewitching enchantress, you have come near
I Am enraptured in your passionate embrace...

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Every night is Halloween for Me!

The Nyte Of The Ghoul

This piece was written in a satirical format, accessing the Jungian fears of the masses, bringing forth a shadowmantic manifestation.

Happy Hallowe'en! In the death of October
When the graves come alive
The werewolf is howling
In the dead of the nyte
Coffins are creeking
Bats take to flight
The vampyre is stalking
Seeking your life
And the daemons come searching
For souls to entice
When spirits are dancing
In Luna's sight
'Tis then you shall know
When you blow out the light
The nightmares are real
'Tis futile to fight
You'll be swallowed up whole
In screams & in fright
Upon this Ghoul's Nyte...

Cold winds blow the leaves
Decrepid & stiff
And whispers resound
From shadow's abyss
Calling you in...

Happy Hallowe'en! Spechtres & phantoms
Watch from the Dark
Witches with black cats
Call out your name
Strange lights in the sky
The stars start to fall
The noises outside
Make your skin crawl
The sun has gone down
The monsters come out...

The chanting begins
The fires grow high
The torture & pain
Are plenty this nyte
The laughing, the cries
The glimmering knife
The begging, the pleading
Cannot subside
The Reaper must take
His sacrifice...

Crosses & rosaries
The singing of hymns
Cannot protect
From horrors so grim
The trembling peasants
The cowering fools
Recite words of prayer
On Nyte Of The Ghoul...

Lurk at the doorstep
Then entering in
Take blindlighter lives
My morbid kin
Hooded assassins
Pentagram chains
Smiling with pleasure
At the blood stains
The ghouls have arrived
From the black rain
To lust & to kill
And drive you insane!
- D.B.
Hallowe'en XXX A.S.

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It was Halloween evening...
{From The Addams Family series; Season One, episode 7: "Halloween With The Addams Family". Air Date: October 30, 1964 c.e.}

Cousin Shy It was Halloween evening, and through the abode
Not a creature was stirring, not even a toad
Jack O' Lanterns are hung on the gallows with care
To guide sister Witch as she flies through the air
{"drawn by eight beautiful bats" ~ Gomez*}
And she calls out to them:

Uncle Fester: "Come flitter, come flutter, come flapper and flier Come chitter, come chatter, come vicious vampire!"

{So under the moon they glide on a gale
With ghosties and beasties they let out a wail
On Halloween evening, Cousin Shy parts the veil
With a Happy Halloween, into the night they sail!}

* Personally, I prefer mentioning Nine.

Scene: As The Addams Family gathers around the living room, dimming the lights, all are seated for the reading of the Halloween poem. Uncle Fester stands behind the unexpected guests powering his own gloomy DC light bulb. As Gomez holds the scroll, Morticia begins the enunciation with that addition by Gomez and Fester. The 'guests' are spooked, and take their leave.

Note: The final portion in brackets was included by Myself, considering the abrupt departure of the guests curtailed the conclusion.

Additionally, I have included an attachment of The Legend of Cousin Shy from the Year XI presentation entitled Halloween With The Addams Family, which featured the original cast.}

G r a p h i c

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Devil Father

Written as a Memorial & Ode to A Sinister Mentor, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, who has become an Immortal Legend, & whose memory remains in My Black Heart which burns with the Infernal eternal flames of Lucifer. HAIL SZANDOR! HAIL SATAN!

Amidst the rain & fog
'Neath haloed street lamps did Darkness bear a son
While etheric birth did mote the new god of the masses
Elsewhere, a devil's tail lashed to life
Come through dimensions, trapezoidal manifestation
Daemon-spawn, through Hell's indulgent plateus emerged
The Mephistophelean spirit of the ages
Now black it stands
Shadowing land
The dreaded monumental shape
A tribute to a nativity sublime...

Devil-Father in Darkness The year struck Nine
Arose the tines
Thrust deeply in Belial's hearth
Horn & peak, a mighty voice
A scowling ceremony's choice
A noctuary hidden safe
Entrails ever digging deep
A roaring phantom rarely seen
Haunting darkened walls...

The Black Flames kindled
The Blindlight dwindled
As Love & Birth & Death by Devil's hand
Was cast across the world
Arise! Arise! The word was brought
The everliving statements of Shaitan

The Devil's Hammer pounding fierce
Resonates the heartbeats of the Strong
To smash, to build, for preservation
To move ahead, but to look back
To contemplate what was & is to be again...

The hordes are born
A generation graced with diabolic wisdom
To pass through flames & purify
Returning to the Darkness that shines in every beast...

The piercing gaze that met My eye
One dark & gloomy eve
My mind did blend with tongue of flame
The Luciferic torch was sparked
Embraced the God within...

G r a p h i c

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The Satanist

Dedicated to The Citizens of The Infernal Empire - the true Children of Darkness.

What wonderous creature is this
Awash in darkened light
'Neath moon & stars
In dark abodes
The ancient soul seeks Power
Dominion o'er the teeming masses
With a glint of mischief in the eyes
A heart so bold
Of predators' olde
Of animalistic pride
Wielding Magic & Wisdom
Innate to the core
Mortal puppets jump at command
To this childe's beckon
With divine thought
A brush of hand
The Darkness spreads across the land...

A blackened room
The glowing wax
The words are spoken
Baphomet's grant
Etheric Gods, encircle, embrace
The spawn of the most ancient race
With force of Will
And tongue of flame
The Black Earth quakes to the names
Evoked from passion's rise...

Devil-Father, Daemon-Brother
Merging into One
One black flame alights anew
Hail Me! Hail You!

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A perplexing piece of work which has served as a puzzle of sorts, detailing in an occult manner, some of the personal events which have occurred in aeons past, which remains a conundrum to the less attuned. It has served as a Magical Working in Itself, & remains a Doorway into the Aethers.

as winds doth blow with an intense furvour
So does the raging ocean within the soul
Swirling with an undescribable churn
Though not an unfamiliar call
But within the Lingam, knock the door
The I! doth seek to stay
But for one, the eternal made
The Lady sought to sway
Confusion in the stars above
Arise! The Eastern morning's day
Raining demons necromanced
The past returns to haunt
Slower, faster, maybe more
Hear it creek, the Western Door
With drums & trumps announce anew
And bestow the rule unto the few
An ancient slumber
A heartfelt lumber
Back to dimensions unknown known...

From fruitful harvests & hungry minds
Alone, the tread in blackened wake
Those of the trees, foraging alike
With disdain is the evil eye
The girl embraced by what was
And what is yet to be
A darkened kiss unto the skull
The bliss of Love awaits Thee
Music echoes subconciousness
Floating in uncertainty
The Daemon spreads His mighty wings
To welcome savage civility
A turn, a turn, it burns! It burns!
Though warms the heart & soul
Comfort in the glowing embers
Black Flame lit again...

Table of Contents

The Mail At Midnight

They say The Devil rides out at Midnight
A lone shadow moving in the darkness
All in black, his coat, his cane and hat
If you see him coming, you best be out of the way
Don't look in hs fiery eyes, do not catch his gaze
Or soon you will feel your mind in a haze

The Devil checks the mail at Midnight
I saw him through the window there
Across the field and over the bridge
Into the woods and beyond the ridge

What kind of post would The Prince of Darkness receive?
I Am not sure, but I've seen a great many things
In all shapes and sizes
From records to books to statues to rings

The Devil checks the mail at midnight
There he goes walking in the fog and moonlight
It is such a sight, it is quite a fright
There he goes again amidst the howlings of the dogs
Nocturnal Constitutional of The Dark God.

Table of Contents

Angel Lust

Angel Lust, cold and dark
There you lay, in the park
What were your... last thoughts?
...to leave such a mark...

Facing the sky
On the day you died
You left a sight
A tribute to life
Will anyone touch you now?

Angel Lust, moist or dry
Stiffened flesh, staring eyes
Beneath the waves, in the brine
Or hanging on the end of a rope...

The waves of doom
Have taken you
The waves of Lust
Grant one final desire...

A last embrace
In the arms of Death
Azrael's face
Takes your breath...

The gloomlight shines
Within your mind
And now the tolling of the bell...

Angel Lust, demon thrust
Cold inside.........
Angel Lust, two as one
Fire and Ice.........

"Sometimes if males die traumatically, they will develop penile erections and occasionally ejaculate during the final throes of death. A male corpse with a semi or fully erect penis is called "Angel Lust", a slang term used by doctors, nurses, medical examiners, and morticians." - Ogrish.


How you have escaped from the jaws of oblivion!
The gaping maw before you
You stared into the face of The Abyss
And lived to tell the tale through your existence

To him, you opened up the gate
Unto the labyrinthe below
Where still in shadows he lurks
Partaking in an endless feast

How feared thine own countenance
Dreaded by the populace
Spawned of nightmare's thrall
Bane of mortals, tooth and claw
Spectral image aglow at dusk
Your erubescent eyes
Filled with hunger and with life

Unexpected origin
Welcomed nonetheless
Evocation's symmetry
Memory's immortality

One of two, you stayed the course
Remained a vibrant rodent force
The other met a grisly fate
Intraspecies excarnate

Then came the garish curse
The blinding light of plight
An affliction upon life
So you left rather than suffer its misery
Into the cool of the black earth
Where thine flesh gives rebirth

Acrossed in pentagonal grace
Forever here shall you have a place
And in the recesses of my brain
And those who knew your precious presence

Even underneath the tree
The roots become a part of thee
At one with leaf and bark and branch
Begins again, the vital dance!

You lived your life in luxury
Yet remained a solitary soul
Pale as powder, soft as velvet
Ever loved, and ever cherished

An ode & eulogy to a dear departed companion.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Walpurgisnacht | Fete Diaboli | All Is Well In Hell | On Friday the 13th... | Strange Nights | Lucifer | Lucifer's Wind | The Musical Garden | The Devil's Fog | The Haunted Forest | Schabarum | Satan Claus | Visions From Leviathan's Grotto | The Moon & I | The Chow | Water | Technomancy | Noctuary | Cerberus | Satan's Hollow | Perfection | Devil Winds | Satan's Tears | Lucifer's Lightning

{Year XXXIX Anno Satanas}

Upon this Walpurgisnacht Sabbath's Night, we keep the anniversary of the formation of The Church of Satan by Our Founder Anton Szandor LaVey, in mind, that night of nights, Year One Anno Satanas, revelling in this Nefarious Cabal, this infernal brainchild was born, issued forth from the fertile womb of both enchantment and reason in their perfect balances. We have grown, thrived, and continue to garner both influence and increasing Strength in this Age of Fire. May Our Wills enforced upon Evolution bear great fruition, and may our celebrations yield secret desires realized, as we feast and indulge in the pleasures of Satan's Black Earth with wisdom and delight! Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

The fires burn bright in the dark of the night
Hell's Flames awakened on black candle's wick
And Baphomet, benevolent
Gazes down upon the rites
Incense curls and passion swirls...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Altar of Satan is prepared
With regal and Magic delight
The Western Gate doth dwell agape
Opened with the Key of the Mind
The oil of Zam-Zam is poured, aloft The Sword...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

Wishes brought forth
Alight unto Ether
The Blessing of Lucifer ascends
Winds doth blow and We know
The Presence of The Dark Force well...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Festival of Flesh
Kundalini's Dance
As life springs forth
From earthen crevasse to Daemon Seed
Echoes on the Nocturne Tide...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

Secret deeds as devils leap
The infernal font of the mind
Diabolical manifestations
Conjured forth this Sabbath's Night
Gathered here, among us now...
As We proudly Hail Victory and Might!

...Upon this Walpurgis Night!

G r a p h i c

Table of Contents

Fete Diaboli

A glass of wine
Reflecting crimson sight
Bacchus' kiss upon the lips
Imbibe the Devil's sip...

A feast presented
Black Grace splendid
Velvet darkness
Time suspended
Embracing blushing skin...

To the sound of rain pervading
The gentle breeze of whispered flailing...

Oracles of apparition
Ignites the dancing muse
Sweet Nocturnal celebration
A toast to life of sin unending
Sealed with wax milieu...

G r a p h i c

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All Is Well In Hell
March 31, XLIII

Cats yowling and hissing by Satanís Hollow
Hell hounds howl into the night
Spiders upon the walls with their prey
The music of wind chimes softly play...

The scent of black earth and jasmine float in the air
As the orchestra sounds through arcane angles
Such pleasing perfection
Halloween is here and will never leave
In this haunted house of nocturnal dreams...

Embraced in darkness by the amber lamp
With the flicker of Teslaís nucleus
Glowing in the somber chamber
Phantom visions surrounding
All is well in Hell...

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On Friday the 13th...

Door 13 by Draconis Blackthorne A touch of Halloween
Haunting the world with darksome visions
Nightmares conjured from deep within
A timeless friend we hold so dear

While traditions of fear
The herd do adhere
Insecure clinging to icons in fright
The shadows laugh with delight!

Beware of black cats, and broken reflections
Umbrellas and ladders, and such
And if you survive to live the next night
You cannot deny The Devil's touch...

{Written in honor of this enigmatic date, which is a touch of Halloween. Note: There are thirteen lines to this poem, including the title.}

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Strange Nights
{9 February, XLIV}

Thunder rumbles in the West
Moon aglow amidst the growing gloom
Ghostly visions haunt the mind
Impressions of a dreamlike time
A cycle turned, to ashes burned
In solitude, await return

Gazing out upon the earth
With an oracle sublime
Contemplating on what was
And what is yet to be
By the strains of infernal sounds
Creating a reality

Strange Nights by candlelight
A willow whispers in the wind
The chilling vernal breath resounding
Through blighted canyon shadow's grin
In constant enigmatic thrall
Ever rise, ne'r fall

G r a p h i c

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L u c i f e r
Draconis Blackthorne

Lucifer: Morning Star by Belial 9Lucifer, Morning Star
Shining bright in the eastern sky!
Alight the night with thine hellfire
To spark the black flame of reason in the minds of men!

Thine emminence burns in My breast
An earthward bolt from the storm of revolution
By rolling thunder, speaks the liberator!
To ignite the blaze of evolution
As above, so below!

Show thy face, dark angel sublime
With sword and flame, heptagonal name
Broken, the chains of unreason!
Awakened, the dawn of a new season!

Lucifer, Morning Star, how thou hast risen!
In glorious fanfare, in tumultuous aplomb
To frame the throne of the Darkest God
By bliss and terror, beauty and pleasure
Thine visage appears as reflection divine!

[G r a p h i c]

United Satanic America

In the spirit of rebellion which leads to independence, and to mark this grand day of the rememberance of the liberation of United Satanic America by Our founding Devil-Fathers, is this ode to the first prideful rebel in the form of Lucifer, The Satanic Angel of Enlightenment and all He represents!

Hail Lucifer! Hail United Satanic America! Hail Satan!

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Lucifer's Wind

From the West, zephyr flies
Howls your name, caressing flesh
Biting chill to the bone
Burning breeze, hellish born...

Bended trees, stripped of leaves
Arching towards the eastern star
Feel the thrall, lifeforce rise
Dragon's breath purifies
Fills the lungs with kundalini fire...

Lucifer transmutate
Spread thine tenebrous form
Angel dark, spread thy wings
Across the sky, bring the storm...

Lucifer, Rebel God
Thine essence course elemental
Gentle breeze, or torrent strong
Providing life and devistation
Rebirthing circulation.

G r a p h i c

Table of Contents

The Musical Garden

The air is still as an incensed breeze blows gently from the West...

Moonlight cascades from graceful hills
Setting the land aglow with an eerie lucidity
A faint tone lingers and floats from the silence
And slowly the shadows from earth come alive

From flora and fauna come lissom expressions
Arising and stretching through soft-laden dew
Harmonious whispers, a velvety touch
Ascending and falling, the waves of a dream
A music exquisite, an orchestral stream
A placid sensation, a singular team

Vibrations felt deeply, straight to the core
A beautious vision, a dancing rapport
A distant voice echoes, joining in song
Mists of the evening, a spectral fog
Pulsating rhythms in passionate thrall
While phantomesque figure looms over them all

Increasing, decreasing, climbing the heights
Drifting on wings of black-feathered flight
Surrounded in opulent, elegant night
A starry reflection grants nocturnal sight
Melodious opus responding in kind
Reaching the darkest abyss of the mind

The tranquil reception reclines for a rest
Enfolding serenely into their beds
The eternal opus continues again
Until the next dusk when spiderwebs cloak
The Musical Garden will speak the next note!

Inspired by viewing an enthralling orchestra in the throes of a masterpiece, a recent excursion to an Arboretum, and enjoying the night at Satan's Hollow.

G r a p h i c

Table of Contents

The Devil's Fog

Creeping forth, possessing all
Aglow at night, transperent shade
Presence float, phantom shawl
What mysteries lurk within the crawl...

Looming form, mirrored face
Manifesting ghostly grace
Surrounded in the cool embrace
Enlivened skin, cause blood to race!

The Devil's Fog turns day to night
Brings the fun and fear and fright
Imagination, feel the flame
Burning black inside the brain...

Blotted lights, figures faint
A tapestry of haunted taint
Distant sounding of the waves
Demon horn brings forth the rain

Leviathan stirs at one entwined
The endless depths, the blackened eyes
Whirlpool spins and lightning strikes
The Gate is open, the clock strikes Nine!

The Devil's Fog, the tolling bell
Candles frame the door to Hell
The Shadow moves before the sign
The trident thrust up from the brine
Replenishing the dark sublime
The Devil's Fog returns to dine...

G r a p h i c

Table of Contents

The Haunted Forest

I have been here thrice in time
Reposing to a favored twisted tree
Overlooking the city lights
Passing by the ruined gate
At the end of a darkened corner untouched by time...

Deep within bramble and willow
The legend states a haunted place
Abandoned, yet filled with twisted minds' impressions
Within those walls, echoes through mind and mirror
A whisp of the eye...

Travel through the gnarled road
Appearing through mist on the cliff's edge
Sometimes there, sometimes not
Saught by the living and the dead...

We are the phantoms haunting this place
Grim and shadowy forms in the night
Creating the myth, legends in the minds of men
At one with the nightmares come alive...

By the trapezoidal pillar
The Devil's Tree branches forth
With gnarled tendrils into stone
Twisting roots burrow down to Hell

Blackened figures gaze at those who pass
Staring down with gleaming eyes
Perched and seated, primed to strike
Living demons take their lustful prize

Distant voices in the night
From the darkness dismal lights
Formless hands touching cold
The sense of stalking presence olde
Forboding to those who walk The Haunted Forest...

G r a p h i c

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Amidst the hectic pace
Of the herd's programmed race
'Neath shadowy ferns and willows is a Magical place
Carving darkened paths into valleys and hills
Where time is suspended and all rests so still...

Schabarum, Shamballah
A refuge sublime
Sanctus Sanctuorum
Is Nature divine...

Away from the glare and the stare and the blare
Quietude haunts with dignified grace
Partaking confections and philtres to fill
The food of the gods, the etch of a quill
To the tune and the feel of the wind coursing by
Vivid reflections, overcast sky...

Hoofbeats echo distant
From low and from high
The joy-play of children
Resounds from afar...

Evocative visions shimmer in mind
Casting a beautiful angel in white
Staining the dress with the red of her vice
Her nature uncovered, her wings set to flight...

Pleasure is taken in mutual kind
The Oath that was spoken with earth, flame, and brine
Forever connected by flesh and by deed
Sweet wanton indulgence was taken with these...

Near the Canyon of haunted fane
A secret passage known to snakes
A stream trickles gently by the old rotting bridge
Trails leading deeply to cubbies and ridge
Trees beckon strangely into their fold
Of faces and shadows seem to behold...

Schabarum, Shamballah
A refuge sublime
Sanctus Sanctuorum
Is Nature divine...

The primal reflection
Feral contemplation
At one with The All
Within and without...

G r a p h i c

An ode to a local natural wilderness environment nearly adjacent to Haunted Turnbull Canyon, and is an extension of Satan's Hollow.

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Satan Claus
by Draconis Blackthorne

On the longest night of the year
Filled with joy and Solstice cheer
Hellflames aglow in the fireplace pit
Casts dancing spectres and faces and wit
Sights and sounds of evocative bane
Visions of devils and demons to stay

The rain and the snow, and the sleet and the hail
Wishes are whispered upon the ice gails
A Presence draws nearer, a lingering friend
A shadow reflection, through gates I did send

Eyes in wide wonder at the flickering light
When what to behold, what is in sight?
But a puff in the air which flashes midnight
There he stands proudly, in black and in red
Is Satan Claus smiling with horns, hooves, and fangs
A shiny black beard, He twirls with delight
With eyes of black coal, burning with might!

And what by The Baphomet's throne does he lay?
But carnal confections and philtres, what may
Gifts wrapped in opal, and ruby, and gem
To bring forth indulgence, and pleasure, and play

He uplifts the Cornu, echoing forth
With a "Hail Satan!" and "Happy Yuletide!"
Old Nick swirls his cloak into a Nine
In darkness He goes until the next time!

Table of Contents

Visions from Leviathan's Grotto

Leviathan represents the element of Water, & passionate emotion. A Necromantic Abyssal ponderation which is an Evocation of one so Hauntingly fair.

What faire sight do I see
'Neath the waves looking at Me
Of skin so pale, hair so black
Eyes as deep as the Abyssal sea
An image formed from Leviathan's tide
A dream ascending unto My side
Outstretched, her arms, the beckoning maid
A smile pursed lovingly from the wade
A gift the waters have bestowed
From the fortune that now flows
And all of Nature arise the tune
Beneath the glowing of the moon
My life anew, My Life complete
Reborn unto Her bewitching greet
The waves speak softly of Her name
My Soul swoons to this music's fate
And on the breeze, as spray, as drizzle
I hear the words of enchantment's kindle...

Table of Contents

The Moon & I

An Ode to The splenderous moon, who has been My constant companion, Luna Splenderosa, & all the imaginative musings she has inspired.

Aglow up high
A phantom's eye
Peering down upon the land
A faithful companion
The Lady rides
Through time & space she travels
A ghostly face haunts the night
Surveying mortal deeds unravelled
I pledge My earthly trek for Love
Beneath her bluish glow
My thoughts doth ascend above
Which only she seems to know
In black I walk, her faithful spawn
The shadows blend as one
Leviathan's tide swells inside
Black flames on the water
Reflecting deep within My eyes
Sets My soul to rise...

Live Moon Phase Display When Western Gates doth dwell agape
The Black Dragon's breath cools the land
The glare, the stares, the mortals wane
And waxeth forth Our feign
When dreams afloat
And silence grows
Our kind come forth anew
With slivered eyes
And curling smiles
To greet the night & dew...

Through where I've been
And where I'll go
This oracle sublime
The crystal ball set in the sky
Reveals the passage of all time
I lift up high My glass to thine
In honour to your mystery
I in thee, thee in I, resinating synnergy
Luna, Sin, & Hecate
Praised be The Dark Goddess of the Night!
Luciferic emminence
Embrace Belial's Might!


Table of Contents

"" ""
The Chow

A tribute to a veritable Demon Hound. I received the impressions while caressing one such canine, who makes for a marvellous Cerberus & Gate Guardian.

What manner of creature is this that romps across the lawn?
A black & fuzzy demon with glistening points for eyes?
A bear? A dog? A lion, perhaps?
A familiar face from aeons past
Guard thy temple, secure & fast
Gargoyle from the East...

As I hold you in My hands as a pup so loving
I see the future long to last
Scruff & scurry across the grass...

The tail that curls around My heart
The heavy frame solid as earth
The wavy fur conceals what mirth?
You'll grow so big
You'll grow so strong
Little one of canine throng...

You came from mystic revelation
Splendid dark manifestation...

I feel the flame burning inside
A soft erudescent light
An ancient face, a sacred sight
Souls begin to merge
I hear the kingdom's dirge
Dynasties, the drums explode
The flags wave in the breeze
The gong strikes deep
Now take your place
At the entrance of your grace...

The painted words
The flowing robes
The wise & enigmatic proes
The sights, the sounds, the glory glows
Within your glimmer's eye...

To those whose fortune brought you nigh
To them bestow a blissful high.

Table of Contents


Coalescent with "Visions From Leviathan's Grotto", this piece is a highly metaphorical & descriptive opus focusing on The Dark Force in Nature collectively known as Satan, & is also a statement of the passions of Love & Lust.

Cool mist settles on glistening waves
Sea serpents romp with dolphins
Thrust the air, splashing down
Blending in with the sea
Can you see what I see?
Life's blood of Mother Earth
Her veins of river flow
Cappilaries of streams & brooks
Can the mortals ever deem to know?

Microcosm, Macrocosm, Torrents & streams
Flowing thru You, flowing thru Me
Awash in rain, showers to drizzle
Lulling dreams of graceful sight
To set aright, to bestow might
Creatures of water afloat in the air
Spinning slowly, a peaceful smile
Blues & greens & transluscent crystal
Shimmering eternally through day & night
Moon arise to pull the tides
Send to crash on rock & land
Dimmer, dimmer, glimmer, glimmer
I see the reflection in your eyes...

Two streams cascade on pebble & sand
Closer & closer to feed the land
Fresh, anew, race with grace
Unto the fork of veins will join
Splash, artful union tide
Upon the other, yield the side
Flow as one, again as before
Grotto form unto one door
From stream to river, anointed pace
Into the sea return as jade
Diamond, opal, emerald, ruby
Sweet Belial cast thy face
Leviathan, sacred, loving swirl
Lucifer, softly touch Our face
Satan burns, preserve the Grace...

Table of Contents


A Tribute to The Infernal Machine, particularly The Mac, which has been an invention to prod mankind forward in this electronic age. Yet the forum of The Internet has become another veritable hunting ground for the Predator & the prey.

The bluish glow of the Magic Wand
Reposing 'neath The Baphomet
The skull that crowns the oracle
Through wires & chips
Abraxas' hand moves My own
Invoking through The Gates of Hell
The portals within have opened wide
Through the Shadowlands emerge
The Daemonic Mind
Words & numbers, incantations
Spells are cast upon the ethers
Technomantic, telepathic
Transmission, eye to eye
Are you the spider or the fly?

Table of Contents


An Ode to Black Heaven on Earth, The Haunted Noctuary, My Total Environment & its ghoulish inhabitants.

Noctuary, Noctuary
Black flame burning in My Mind
How many spells cast & fortunes told
By the glow of your dim light?
There within shadowy chambres
Recesses in the black
A soft light there shown
A cyclopse tapping through the night
Noctuary A lambent world possessed of wonderous delights

The slither did some hither
And took to Me as My own
A gleam in thine narrow eyes did belove My heart
And those who scurry one to another
They chew on flesh & bone
The flying one so filled with joy
Repleat, the lust for life

Opulent ones of Bastian soul
Black & grey they wandered
To join Me as the Rites were said
To part the Gates asunder

What dread words are writ above
To frame the four-sealed wonder
And what dread seal enscribed thereon
Upon the blackened Altar?

Dimly lumanescent eyes
Gazing from the Darkness
Hulking apparition shown
Black horns in defiance
And staring down beside Him now
Ready to the pounce
A crouching phantom of winged fang
Pale with eyes of blackest coal

So many nights there filled with grace
By cnadle's flame & incense climb
As the world sleeps, that is My time
Amidst the headless cross
Beneath Bathsheba's face
Of which no mortal can erase
There lays the blighted place

Noctuary, Noctuary
Still you haunt My brain
The days & nights awash in red, black, & amber
The scent of Magic in the air
The undulating flesh
The fount of pleasure overflowed
Upon the cup of Nectar.

G r a p h i c

Table of Contents

November, XLII Anno Satanas

Canine jaws and scraping claws
Fearsome is thy symmetry
Mighty muscled frame
Three in one, The Devil's Hound
Feral infernal trinity....

Howls from The Pit
Echoes at The Gate
There The Guardian awaits
Hellmouth eager to devour
Wildfire glistens in thine black eyes...

Through space and time
Where your form has dwelled
Haunting the minds of men
Chimeric apparition's dread
Legendary fear has fed
Black Shuck to manifest...

The Beast unleashed
Thy Master pleased
Cloak unfurled by devil winds
God & doG in darkness tread
Shadows in the mist...

Phantom visions, evocations
Mirthful in the night
Familiar fond, a demon's bond
A timeless Noctuary bliss
Beloved gargoyle of The Abyss...

G r a p h i c

Table of Contents

Satan's Hollow

Nocturne arises, dusk has come
Starry lumanesence
Lucifer's face shines in the western sky
The nook awaits amidst the black twisted tree
Five chairs 'round the circle stand for thee
The horned skull there gazing into the night

Moonlight filters through the gnarled grasp
Quietude in darkened corner, course the breeze
The Shadowy form ignites the hellflame
The muse dances and echoes among the garden leaves

The sounds of creatures great and small
To prance about and feel the thrall
The scent of jasmine afloat in the crisp air
The eeriness increases there

Begins the world created afresh
Whispering thoughts inspiring haunted breath
The Noctuary there it dwells
A Gate of sin, a Gate of Hell
Herein, the daemons dwell

The bane of mortals, upon which it feeds
The black embrace devours the energy
Black soil calls forth unto the beast
With shimmering eyes He leads

The cauldron stirs with Belial's Brew
Embibed with infernal ecstasy
A nightmare to some, a dream to another
The phantom speaks the ancient number
'Neath clouds of blue, gray, and purple
And dawn is soon to being the slumber

The wings of night enfold for now
With shining star upon its brow
To rise again with the shades
In glory, in wisdom, and in strength
To birth the darkness of the glade
And Satan's Hollow returns eternal again.

G r a p h i c

Table of Contents


Satan's Hollow sings...

The scent of moist black earth and jasmine
Sounds of crickets and thunder are as music to My ears
Sensation of rain upon the skin
The sight of the full moon drifting in
And out of rolling cumulus clouds flashing
Skeletal trees reach to the sky...

An elemental symphony of blissful meditation.

Candles flicker in the gloom
The Presence dwells palpable thereof
And in the black room...

Overcast visions yield ravenous black birds taken to flight
The spechtre of Samhain looms across the land
As the shadows return to possess the night.

Table of Contents

Devil Winds

From abyssal gate, we welcome thee
Satanas flow through canyon and grove
The land renewed with dance of flame
Looming shadow, overlooks the blackened earth
Soon reborn, enriched, with opalescent splendor...

Devil Winds coursing through valleys of undeath
Ignites the Witch's flame by Dragon's breath
Hellflames torch through blackstar hearth
Blindlight sepulchre darkened with gnash of teeth
Realized, thine apocalypse to roost by Devil's hand...

Devil Winds across the earth
Each spawned of imagining's pyre
Thy form inlaced in machinations' foundry
By air and land, by ocean's depth
Its creatures know the secrets well
Moving to thy call and swell...

Metal clash and burn within the serpentine crawl
Fires of the pit open to the sky
Hellion tails whip dust and storm's thrall
A sacrificial gift bestowed by Nature's pall
Embracing those within The Eye...

The terror of these Devil Nights
Arrived in leaps and bounds
With cloven feet and flaming jaws
The world became a Jack O' Lantern's light.

Table of Contents

Satan's Tears

A Satanic Mythological & Metaphorical Evocation.

The Black Flames toss about Me as so many flailing bodies
Possessed of anguish
Where is the joy that was in this darkened labyrinth?
There came one descending unto Me one fateful night
So enchanting was she, that I forsook what was
All that I had been, was captivated by this beauty I beheld that day in Hell
The dominion I held o'er the earth meant nothing in those times of fascination
What manner of dark angel is this that treads My dread Empire?
There was a new laughter bourne that day
One not heard to My ears, yet somehow familiar to My soul
She came unto My throne, repleat with grace & innocence
The solitude that had been was lifted from My winged back
A new warmth filled My heart, that was so cold
A Love culminated therein, granting solace To My lonely existence
In towers, in pits, in desolate dreams
An energy filled My bones anew
How I beamed in Luciferic light
How I felt Myself alive again
But only with Her presence, did I arise
Taking comfort in Her arms
Holding Her ever so tight
Never letting go what came to Me that night...

On Blackened throne I reminisce
Tears fill My eyes awash
A pain has come again so deadly
I fear what will become of Me
As I watch the pillars fall about
I gaze into the darkened crystal
Visage of My Being
Horrors & Wonders swirl about
I Am everything, yet nothing at all
The shadows fade...

Torment has been My reflection
Stabbing impalement since the inception
The weight of earth I carry with Me
But for a time I was happy
A tender flame burned with mine
Upon a torch sublime
Now I am defaced, cast down
Black Heaven trembles with My ebbing heart
A Kingdom once aflame with passion
Drowning in My desolation
My lonesome voice calling from the dark
Looking forth for trace or reason
The demons gnaw My flesh now...

To & fro across the land
I cry again, but who understands
The sadness of a beast?
I move as a phantom in the gloom
Unto dimensions, room to room
Just to catch a glimpse
Of My Angel again
Sweetness pours from Her
I lower My horns awaiting Her
Enfold My wings, I brace the winds
My heart beats slowly now...

Come away! Come away!
I scream in silence!
Come away! Come away!
Invoke My Dark Goddess!

Table of Contents

Lucifer's Lightning

This composition is an apocalyptic and metaphorical puzzle revealed to those who can decipher its subtleties.

And so red lightning fell from the sky
By Lucifer's Infernal Light
And nine were sacrificed unto Chac
And nine in countenance blessed the land
The abodes upon high towers do slide, but still stand
As Leviathan rose in the far South-East
The Phantoms there flew to feast
The sun blotted from the sky
Oroborous there turns from on high
Belial awakened at Yezidi Gate
Consuming those who were without
The Metal serpent became unbound
And so the mortal coil constricts
In pain and pleasure, and in bliss...

Table of Contents

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