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  1. Can you deny the following fact? "You are the descendants of the Aryan Purohit Brahmins who came to India in search of a livelihood. Then the Dravidian king Brhathratha not only welcomed you, but also gave you a livelihood and a main role in his government. In 185 B.C., by treachery and deception, Pushyamitra, an Aryan, had killed him in a coup and assumed the governance of his kingdom. As the descendent of that impostor, you continue to cherish and maintain the same deception and fraud initiated by him, and the Advaita concept, Sankara Mutt and the Sankaracharyas are the culmination of the deception".
  2. You are accused of perverting history by interpolating it with false statements, such as Brahmins existed even during the time of Buddha, and the Varnashrama Dharma which fortifies the existence of high and low castes was practised then. Can you disprove this charge?
  3. Can you deny the fact that there was no trace of casteism or Varnashrama Dharma before the period of Pushyamitra which is 185 B.C. Could you also deny the fact that the divisions which were mentioned earlier to this period were the divisions of labour and groups (race, language, etc.) but not the division of casteism?
  4. In the Indigo written by Megasthenes there is no reference for the practice of casteism in India. Can you deny the truth that there was no casteism in India in 4th C. B.C.?
  5. Though your ancestors have cunningly overthrown the Mauryan rule, in order to portray yourselves as morally good, you have purposely created a fable that Chanakya, the Aryan Purohit was the helper in establishing the Mauryan dynasty. Can you refute this historical fact? Could you afford to deny that, you who had cunningly overthrown the Mauryan dynasty, created the Chanakya drama, a false fable, in order to camouflage your plot?
  6. Will it be possible for you to refute that your caste, the Aryan Purohits are evil minded by nature of heredity and Pushyamitra, an ancestor of your caste, is an example of this?
  7. Can you refute the historical fact that you, and the Aryan Purohits, are the descendants of the Sungas established by Pushyamitra and the Kanvas who ruled India after the Sunga dynasty?
  8. Could you deny the historical fact that you and your community are the descendants of the Sungas and Kanvas, the impostors who came to India from outside in search of a livelihood and occupied this land treacherously? The Sungas and the Kanvas plotted against the kings who showed them kindness, and killed those who trusted them and had given them high posts in their government.
  9. Is it not appropriate to call of you Kshatriyas, since you are the descendants of the Sungas and Kanvas, the impostors who ruled Dravidian India for 157 years from 185 B.C. to 28 B.C.? However, you have named yourselves as Purohits and Brahmins instead of Kshatriyas. This is a historical deception, can you refute this?
  10. Your ancestors who captured the political power by deception, ruled for 157 years. After loosing political power to new foreign invaders who came into India and captured the political power, your predecessors made a treacherous covenant with the new foreigners against the Indians. Thus your ancestors indulged in treacherous activities against the Indians and became advisors to the new foreign invaders in establishing their foreign rule in India. Can you refute this?
  11. Amongst the white people who came to India from outside, you who came without any religion and captured the political power of India by treachery and ruled for 157 years, in order to continue to enslave the Indians, you have given the name 'Kshatriyas' to the white people who had came without religion from outside with a military force and captured political power, and you have given the name 'Vaishyas' to the white people who had came from outside to India without religion for trade purposes. Thus you have classified them and associated with them in the treachery. Can you deny this? (Worship is different from religion which requires religious law, philosophy, literature etc., whereas worship is universal in occurrence.)
  12. You, the white people, who came to India from outside without any religion, have plundered the religious, political and economical power from the Indians and have distributed these among yourselves, the white foreigners, under the leadership of your ancestors. Thus the covenant of sharing was carried out under your leadership, and that is why even though you have ruled for 157 years you do not call yourselves Kshatriyas. Can you refute this?
  13. The term 'Aryans' was coined to denote the group of people who came to India from outside without any religion in various periods. Since their colour was different from the colour of the Indian people, their commonalty is based on their white complexion. Can you refute that the laws have been devised on the basis of colour during your ancestors' rule and this is known as Varnashrama Dharma, and the term 'Aryan race' was coined on the basis of the complexion?
  14. Before the arrival of the Aryans, the people who lived all over India were denoted as Dravidians and their culture is very ancient, and they are the root cause for the development of religions all over the world. Could you afford to deny this?
  15. The term 'Dravidar' is the mutilated form of the term 'Tamilar' (Tamilar - Thramilar - Dravidar - Draavidar). The foreigners mutilated the term Tamilar as Dravidar. So, in the Sanskrit Dictionary (A Sanskrit-English Dictionary -Sir Monier Monier-Williams - Motilal Banarsidass-1988) the term 'Dravidar' can be seen and not the term `Tamilar'. Can you refute this?
  16. Could you afford to refute that the term 'Dravida' in terms such as Dravida Basha, Dravida Sangam, Dravida Vetham, Dravida Upanishad, Dravida Mapadiam, Dravida Sisu etc., refers to 'Tamil'.
  17. The terms 'Dravidian race' and 'Aryan race' refer to two different races. The non-Dravidians who speak the Dravidian language and dwell in the Dravidian region are also denoted as Dravidians. Could you refute this historical fact?
  18. Those who are not able to differentiate the Dravidians by race, the Dravidians by place and the Dravidians by language, confuse the Dravidians by race with the other two. Can this truth be refuted by you?
  19. Those who are not able to know the differences historically, confused themselves and confuse others by saying that there is no Dravidian race or Aryan race. Can you refute this?
  20. While you, the white Aryan race were ruling, you have given the title 'Sudras' to the Dravidians who did not oppose your domination but accepted your treacherous control and led a life of slavery without considering the concept "whether Rama rules or Ravana rules what is going to happen?- nothing". And you have given the title 'Panchamas' to those Dravidians who opposed your treachery. Thus you have split Dravidian Indians into two groups. Can you refute this?
  21. While your white Aryan race was ruling, you associated the Dravidians who were enslaved by you as 'Sudras' with the three groups of your Aryan race. With the help of the rulers who were your supporters, you devised the law that these four groups (Chathurvarna) alone could have the citizenship. However, you have degraded and tyrannised the Dravidian spiritual leaders, warriors, rulers, scholars, etc., who opposed your domination as untouchables and unseeables. Could you deny this historical fact?
  22. The concept of caste discrimination devised by you, is against the four Vedas starting with the Rig Veda, which are claimed to be yours and against the Six-fold religions based on the family relationship of Siva. This is the satanic doctrine devised by you, the Aryan Purohit Brahmins. When the Six-fold religions came into the fold of this satanic doctrine, the Six-fold religions were also coated with this satanic doctrine. In the later period the same coating was given to the Prajapathi which is in the Rig Veda. Can you refute this?
  23. Could you deny the fact, that your ancestors have blighted the Buddhists and Buddhism by using various plots after the period of Pushyamitra.
  24. Just as the predecessors of your Aryan Purohit caste had destroyed Buddhism, your ancestors have disguised themselves as Saivite and Vaishnavite religious leaders and enslaved these religions when there was a revival in them. Can you refute this?
  25. Your, the Aryan Purohit caste have twisted the meaning of the term 'Brahmins' to denote the Aryan Purohit caste. Actually the terms Saivites, Vaishnavites and Brahmins denote the followers of Siva, Vishnu and Brahma of trinity concept and they have nothing to do with your worship and community. Can you refute this historical fact?

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