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At the moment the only reviews are for the sets I have. These are mainly for large battles rather than skirmishes. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to rules so I have concentrated on describing things like game sequences, mechanics and procedures rather than how historically accurate or how much fun I think they are. I also mention base sizes, as no one likes to buy a new set of rules only to find they would need to rebase their armies to use them properly. Very few gamers would be willing to do that I'm sure!

Rules that I am aware of that I would like to see included here are, Katana, Ge Koku Jo, Sensei, Naginata, Samurai Wars, Road to Osaka and maybe even Clan Wars. I would also be interested to hear views of the samurai version of the Age of Battles system from Zvezda. If you would like to submit a review, even of rules already reviewed here, get in touch through the Contact page.

Two sets of rules are available from the Gekokujo Yahoo Group. Bushi for large battles and Japanese Art of War for skirmishes. I won't review these sets here as they are freely available. Suffice to say, both sets use innovative mechanisms and have period flavour by the bucket load. I wish I had seen Bushi before attempting to write my own set.

You won't find generic rules such as WRG's DBR or Warhammer Ancient Battle on this page although I may make an exception when the Divine Wind supplement for WAB becomes available!

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Killer Katanas
Killer Katanas by Brian Bradford & Robert Fyvie


Killer Katanas II by Brian Bradford

Taiko! by Flagship Games


Age of the Country at War
The Age of the Country at War By Barrie Lovell


Samurai Warfare
Samurai Warfare by Adams & Clarke


Samurai Wargame Rules by Sid Smith and Ken Smith


Chrysanthemum Throne by Chipco


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