In my ID card, it reads that my name is David Nganga Wanjiru. Almost correct, except for the second name. It's spelt Ng'ang'a. You asking so? Here's so: Ng'ang'a is me. Nganga is a quail (the bird) in my mother tongue. See? The difference is in the missing (')s and  pronunciation. The ng's in my name sounds like the 'ng' in young. The 'ng' for the bird are like the first 'g' in the word gang. It has attack. If I had the software and hardware, I could post a sound file of how it sounds. Maybe later. Nearly everyone I know calls me Ng'ash, which is a nickname, a corruption of my real name. And it's acceptable. Some even call me Gaga, another corruption. Acceptable too. I won't tell you what my granny calls me, tho'. Off limits. No one else can call me that. NO ONE.

So much for names.

I'm Kenyan. By birth. Still live here. Love it too. If you want to read more about this country, at least from my point of view (and level of in/mis-formation and/or ignorance), I've put it here.

I'm attending college at the University of Nairobi's Chiromo Campus. Third year, in a four year course. Physics major. I ought to be in my final year, but I seriously flunked my exams in 3rd year. And was made to repeat the class. Actually I've been flunking virtually all my exams, but that's another story.

I play guitar (which is probably how come you found a link to my site), or to be more accurate, I'm learning. I'm told everyone is always learning, but I consider myself to be in those early stages of learning. Still, if I play The Eagles' Hotel California, people can tell it's the one. So I suppose I'm not that bad. Recently I've started playing around with a keyboard, and I'm not looking too bad either. It's coming along fine.I can also play Kiss Me by Six Pence None The Richer(some of my classmates call me a guitar guru on account of that alone!).And a lot of reggae songs are easy to play along with.The uninitiated do so get impressed by this.

I'm not born again or anything, but I'm fairly religious. I hardly ever go to church tho'. My family is Presbyterian. I read the bible sometime. Actually I have a lot of issues with God, but that is neither here nor there, so we'll leave it at that.

I don't do drugs. O.K. I do. Alcohol and nicotine. I used to smoke while drinking. But lately I've stopped. It gives me a headache in the morning. I used to do it to increase my booze high when I didn't have enough drinking money. But these days I usually have enough to drink when I do drink, hence no more smoking. Never inhaled marijuana. Not even to 'taste'. I couldn't afford cocaine or anything higher even if I wanted to do these things. And I don't. Want, i.e.

I don't have a girlfriend. I've never had one, actually. I'm not a virgin though. Far from it. If you want to read anything to do with my sex life, it's all (ok, most of it) here.

I guess that's all about me that comes to mind first. If I think of anything else that's pertinent (I'm not sure that this word has been used appropriately), I'll add it when I next update this site.


Last update:14.6.2002

ŠApril 2002.David Ng'ang'a Wanjiru.