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"How we age is governed by the quality and quantity of our experiences - especially as they relate to movement."
Henry Gillit, D.C.

Christina Wilson:

Originally from Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon, I studied Psychology at Carroll College in Montana.

While at Carroll, I played soccer to NAIA level - this is where my interest in human movement and muscular function took on a more practical application.

During this time, I also enjoyed volunteering with Native American children and was a counselor with the Girl Scouts.

My childhood interest in ballet plus 12-years of competitive soccer has given me a profound insight into the delicate nature of the human body as well as an intimate understanding of the debilitating effects of sports injuries.

During my studies at Carroll, my interest in physical therapies became more focused and led me to attend Trinity College in San Jose, where I graduated while accumulating 730 hours of certified massage.

Currently I work out of the offices of Krause Family Chiropractic. At Krause my work complements the work of the chiropractors and aids with relaxation prior to adjustments, reduction of soreness of chronic muscle-strain patients, helping restore normal circulation and site-specific muscle-recovery.

When I am not helping others with massage, I can be found hiking, running and river rafting (I am a certified Class IV guide). I enjoy travel and outdoor pursuits, including backpacking through the Blue Mountains in Australia, visiting Mexico, Canada and 25 States within the USA.