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(All text © 1996-1997 by Anthony D. Adams)

Thanks Dad!


My Dad was not a rich man nor was he famous. He was simply a man that took care of his family the best he could. He built tires at night and cut hair during the day to make sure we had the things we needed. He taught me much and gave me the ability to achieve a good life. I don’t remember my dad ever disciplining my brother or myself, perhaps he was too gentle for that. He showed his love by giving us a good home, not through emotion. He slipped away from us one cold night in January, leaving us with the memories of a life well-lived. Of the many gifts he gave us perhaps the most important was the example of how he cared and devoted his life to our needs. The best tribute that I can make to my father is to be like him, now and always.


From a loving son (Anthony) to a loving Dad (Julius).

All text © 1996-1997 by Anthony D. Adams.