anecdote: French, from Greek anekdota, unpublished items  : an-, not; see a-1 + ekdota, neuter pl. of ekdotos, published (from ekdidonai, ekdo-, to publish  : ek-, out; see ecto- + didonai, to give; see d- in Indo-European Roots).

in other words: ekdidonai = to publish = to give out

# name description date
57 george galloway's senate testimony video & text of george galloway's testimony before a senate subcommittee which had accused him of illegally profiting from oil transactions under the oil-for-food program 05.17.2005
56 reporting the truth BBC editorial about newsweek's report of alleged desecration of the koran at guantanamo bay 05.16.2005
55 bush tapes NYT article regarding doug wead's taped phone conversations with dubya 02.20.2005
54 tsunami information regarding the earthquake & tsunami in the indian ocean on 12.26.2004 12.30.2004
53 election results analysis of election results by ryan miller, using method inspired by kathy dopp's work 11.02.2004
52 bin laden's message to americans video and transcript of bin laden's message to americans just before the election 11.01.2004
51 without a doubt long but worthwhile NYT article by ron suskind on bush & faith 10.17.2004
50 checking the facts, in advance another excellent editorial by paul krugman exposing bush's lies 10.12.2004
49 presidential debate transcripts transcripts of all presidential and vice-presidential debates from 1960 to now 10.08.2004
48 the case against george w. bush an informed and thorough critique of the bush regime, by ron reagan in esquire 07.29.2004
47 the new iraqi flag a comparison of the new iraqi flag to the flags of 19 other countries in the region 04.27.2004
46 george supports ariel's unilateralism selected media commentary from around the world critical of george's support for ariel's outrageously unjust land grab 04.16.2004
45 bin laden's proposal to europe audio and transcript of bin laden's proposal for a truce with europe 04.15.2004
44 transcript of rice's testimony complete transcript of condoleezza rice's testimony before the 9/11 commission, courtesy of the washington post 04.08.2004
43 bush AWOL & coked up in '72 a detailed account by glynn wilson of what dubya was really up to in 1972 02.11.2004
42 us wants the best press money can buy article from foreign aid watch regarding the closure of al-arabiya's offices in baghdad 11.24.2003
41 howard dean for president article by ted rall on why dubya must be defeated in 2004 and why howard dean has the best chance of doing so 11.22.2003
40 israeli pilots rebel against strikes a BBC article about the refusal of 27 israeli air force pilots to continue "carrying out the illegal and immoral attack orders of the sort that israel carries out in the territories" 09.24.2003
39 bush bumper stickers proposed bumper stickers for dubya's re-"election" campaign 09.17.2003
38 bush's resumé with this resumé king george is sure to get any job he wants after being impeached 08.06.2003
37 GOP reports record second-quarter profits an onion article highlighting the lack of separation between business & state in the us 06.18.2003
36 big brother is watching a BBC article explaining how the us/uk monitor emails, phone calls, and faxes for "chatter" 05.21.2003
35 homeland security, inc. texas republicans used the homeland security dept to find texas democrats in oklahoma 05.14.2003
34 instant-mix imperial democracy (buy one, get one free) transcript of an excellent speech by arundhati roy in nyc 05.13.2003
33 combining biological and economic warfare an article from online journal arguing that SARS is a case of biological/economic warfare 05.03.2003
32 killing journalists us troops are killing journalists from al jazeera, reuters, etc 04.09.2003
31 freedom of assembly: overturned us district judge barbara s jones prohibits 2/15/03 march at un in nyc 02.11.2003
30 blood, stats, & tears statistics concerning the us & iraq - note which number is largest 02.07.2003
29 why we should bomb iraq and take their oil transcript of colin's address to the UN security council 02.05.2003
28 dialogue an interview with the president of iraq, courtesy of the BBC 02.04.2003
27 state of the empire, i mean union transcript of george's state of the union speech, courtesy of NYT 01.29.2003
26 the jewish state an article on israel's closure of three palestinian universities, plus four other articles on the jewish state 01.06.2003
25 mendacity yet another piece of refreshingly good journalism from robert fisk 01.04.2003
24 GAO vs cheney an article from the guardian about how a bush-appointed judge john bates let cheney off the hook 12.11.2002
23 starvation is less traceable than bullets the IDF destroyed a UN WFP building containing hundreds of tons of food for palestinian refugees in gaza strip 12.03.2002
22 oil stats a file based on oil stats on the energy information administration's website - and my thoughts on the numbers 11.20.2002
21 bin laden tape transcript of bin laden's recent tape, and article by robert fisk about it 11.15.2002
20 gaza strip a film recommendation, a documentary about life in gaza strip 11.08.2002
19 carve-up of oil riches begins an article from the observer on the prospective spoils of a war with iraq 11.04.2002
18 azerbaijan to turkey to an SUV some stuff about oil & chechnya, as well as an article from reuters about an oil pipeline from azerbaijan to turkey 10.30.2002
17 recent history of chechnya, & a possible motive an article from the observer which offers perspective on the situation in chechnya 10.28.2002
16 dead parrot society an article by paul krugman for the new york times, as well as good stuff from robert fisk, michael moore, and the bbc 10.25.2002
15 world press freedom ranked a ranking of freedom of the press in 139 countries, by reporters without borders 10.23.2002
14 the US, venezuela, iraq & oil two articles from the bbc & time about the US, venezuela, iraq, and what flows between them: oil 10.18.2002
13 two excellent responses to bush responses to bush's recent proclamation, from robert fisk of the independent & from accuracy.org 10.09.2002
12 mccarthyism a new york times article on the mccarthyist website campus-watch.org 09.27.2002
11 Bush II a reminder as to who the president of the united states is 09.19.2002
10 above the law a salon article on bush's attempt at dictatorship, & a washington post article by jimmy carter 09.06.2002
9 the israeli "art student" mystery a salon article about israeli "art students" spying in the US 05.07.2002
8 121 W 19th St a proposal that the explosion in the basement of 121 w 19th st, new york, ny 10011 was not an accident 04.25.2002
7 jenin a description of the israeli massacre at jenin 04.15.2002
6 information madeleine albright's comment - sources of information, misinformation, & disinformation - questions 10.11.2001
5 continuation of a pattern, & an interpretation more coincidences involving 11, & a hypothesis as to what it means 10.04.2001
4 fbi building in detroit security guard at fbi bldg in detroit shot & killed, senate resolution 22, & tomorrow 09.21.2001
3 a pattern &
a prediction
observation of coincidences involving 11 surrounding 9/11, and a prediction 09.19.2001
2 the bush coup NYT article detailing how bush stole florida, and thereby the presidency 07.16.2001
1 NSA a series of 5 cnn articles about the national security agency (NSA) 03.23.2001

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