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Prakash, (VU2JIX, centre)and other people from the boat pull the loaded Raft towards the boat. Couple of them control the direction at either corners using ropes. Similar set up on the island side too, about 150 feet away - very rough sea, high depth of  sea (over 60 feet within 8-10 feet from rock), an over-bouyant raft makes each trip so exciting that the observers, more particularly, owners of the stuff on each trip, get very very anxious. One loose knot, you can say goodbye to your equipment! The sea was so calm while we got to the island two days ago, that we hardly realised how difficult this thing can actually get! Adding to the troubles, the boat people refuse to come close to the rock as they do not want to risk the boat coming towards the rock which can cause severe damage to the delicate boats. They stay about 200 feet away in the sea, to where all these things have to be transported using this shaky raft. Also note that they've tied three boats together to ensure the boats are steady - else the sea was so rough, that the boats wouldnt stay in one place easily, also traveling on these tiny boats under these conditions would capsize the boats. Our return trip was also with the 3 boats tied together and the engine of each boat was operated in synch.. Ocassionally when they lost synch, the entire setup would start turning and swaying. We're glad we came back alive - and hope you are too, else who would QSL all the QSOs?

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