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The AS161 expedition 
was partly supported by 

Click here to view an image of the AS-161 QSL card..

We value your QSL cards to confirm our QSO as much as you do .. please QSL !

You can send your QSL cards directly or via the bureau. If you intend to QSL direct, please include a SASE since we expect large volume.

For direct QSLing, you may address it individually to the respective operator (QSL info of individual operator is in Operators page) or if you would like to QSL multiple operators of the IOTA direct, you can also mail them to: 

The Manipal Amateur Radio & Repeater Society,
P.O. Box No. 16,
Manipal 576119, INDIA 

Phone: +91-98452-43213 or +91-8252-75057 
Fax: +91-8252-71165 


Mangalore Amateur Radio Club
P. O Box No. 778, 
Mangalore - 575003, INDIA

ALL QSL CARDS OF OUR PREVIOUS IOTA AS096 have been sent direct / via buro in 2001. Incase you have not received a reply to your direct QSL by now, it would probably be lost in the mail on either of it's route. If so, please do let us know. 

Please QSL ASAP....we're waiting ! 


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