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30 December 2005 - Happy New Year, almost! I've finally added a report on the 50th Aniversary of Disneyland on July 17, 2005. You can read it here: Disneyland's 50th Aniversary. I hope everyone has a great new year. If you haven't been to Disneyland to check out all the 50th stuff, go before it's gone!

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     This is my humble tribute to Disneyland. Below, you will find links to take you on a Grand Circle Tour of the "Happiest Place on Earth" and all of its themed lands. On each page is a little trivia and thoughts on each land's attractions. Also on my site are descriptions of personal experiences with Disneyland and other stuff that I just felt like throwing in. All of the pictures and text are mine. Thanks for coming to my page. Have fun! If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me.

Mickey MouseThe Grand Circle Tour

     For a general overview and history of Disneyland, hop on board the next available People Mover vehicle (click on the image), sit back, and relax.

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Fantasyland Frontierland
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      One of my earliest experiences at Disneyland is one that I can't even remember. My parents, though, will never let me forget it. I was about three or four years old. My family was shopping in Tinkerbell's Toy Shop in Fantasyland. My mom was at the north entrance (towards Snow White's Scary Adventures). I was with my grandmother near the southern entrance (near the castle). When my grandmother wasn't looking I somehow snuck out the door. After my mother was done browsing, she asked my grandmother where I was. My grandmother said she thought I was with her.
     Understandably, my mother was quite upset. She tells me that her first thought was that I had gone across the drawbridge in front of the castle and had fallen in to the moat. That's where she checked first. When she saw that I wasn't there, she ran down Main Street to Lost Children at City Hall. The hosts located me; I was at the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride. When my mom went to pick me up, she found me in the ticket booth (when there were still tickets) sitting on the lap of the ticket sellers. She says I was there giving C tickets to the guests, quite unworried that I was lost.

Waiting to get in....

     Here are some more of my favorite Disneyland experiences, past and present:
. . . Feeding the ducks off the second level of The Hungry Bear Restaurant. . .
. . . Sitting in the cool darkness of The Blue Bayou Restaurant listening to jazz. . .
. . . Hearing the roar of Space Mountain and the screams of guests, while waiting in line (before the video monitors). . .
. . . Eating at the spacious Space Place. . .
. . . Missing school days to march down Main Street with my high school band then, afterward, hanging with my friends. . .
. . . Being tricked into going on Big Thunder Mountain when I was afraid of roller coasters. . .
. . . Enjoying the kitschy fun of Mission to Mars. . .
. . . Hearing Rufus' snoring from his lair in Bear Country (before he moved to Splash Mountain). . .
. . . Waiting outside The Haunted Mansion because I was scared. . .
. . . Trading Olympic pins in 1984 at Videopolis. . .
. . . Parking at the Sheraton hotel behind the park to watch the fireworks (I always stuck my fingers in my ears). . .
. . . Feeling relieved when the parking lot tram pulled up and there was room to sit down. . .
. . . Driving home on the deserted Interstate 5 at 1:00 AM on summer nights. . .
. . . Falling asleep immediately with my legs aching from walking. . .
Read other people's experiences at Disneyland here, then share yours.

Mickey MouseWrite Me Your Memories

     I appreciate any feedback that I receive from visitors to the site but I especially enjoy when Disneyland fans write me their favorite memories. If you e-mail me and I like your story, I just might give you a Disneyland souvenir and I'll definitely post it on my site for all to see. Thanks very much!
New Memory Contest
     In honor of my site's renovation, I am introducing a new memory contest. The theme for this competition will be One Last Ride... I'd like participants to write me a story of any length about their favorite Disneyland attraction that does not exist anymore. It can be as old as the Phantom Boats or as recent as the Rocket Rods. And as a thank you for their effort, the top two entrants (by my judgment) will each receive a limited edition Disneyland coin. These coins sold for $6.50 in the park and are no longer available. So go ahead: start writing!

Click here for a picture of the prizes.

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