Rick's Web Page
Hey Everyone,
    I'm Rick and here's my webpage.  I try to update it about once a month but I can't always guarentee that.  Take a look and
let me know what you think.
Quick Facts about me:

      Name:                        Richard, or Rick for short

      Birthday:                    March 28, 1981

      Height:                      5'7

      Weight:                     135

      School:                     University of Notre Dame

      Location:                  Notre Dame, IN

      Majors:                     Architecture, Psychology
                                      (yeah, it's a five year plan)

      Campus Activities:     OutreachND social chair,
                                      Marching Band, Varsity   
                                     Band, AIAS-ND, Habitat
                                     for Humanity

      Favorite Bands:          Green Day, Jimmy Eat
                                      World, Eminem, Good
                                      Charolette, Madonna,
                                     Weezer, Alanis Morissette,
                                      Blink 182, No Doubt

      Favorite Movies:        Chasing Amy, Cruel Intentions,
                                      American Beauty, 54, Dogma

      Favorite Books:          Ender's Game, Anthem,
                                      A Seperate Peace, The  
                                      Picture of Dorian Gray,
                                      Harry Potter, Joshua

      Relationships:            At the current time, I really
                                     have no relationship to speak of.
                                     My last boyfriend, Jeff, and I
                                     broke up early in May after
                                     dating almost 10 months and
                                     since then it's been pretty quiet.
Current News:        May 30
Things are getting settled for the summer finally.  I have a place to live and my jobs are looking good and I enjoy them a lot so far :).
Upcoming Events:

June 2:                Doozer moves in :)

June 10:              Nick (my brother)
                           graduates high school

June 14:              IN PRIDE, Indianapolis, IN
                            Flag Day

June 15:              Father's Day

June 20-22:         Elkart Jazz Festival

June 21:              Summer Begins.. woo hoo

June 29:              Chicago Pride Parade
                            Nick's graduation Party

It's not getting what you want, It's wanting what you have.
                          ~Sheryl Crow

More about me
People pictures
Other pictures
My thoughts on life and being gay
Favorite Lyrics
Gay Summer 2002
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