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Markley Family
Franklin Guy Markley Jr. [Franklin Guy Sr., Finley P., Lafayette, Peter, Joseph, John Markley - Somerset Co. Pa]
    This is Franklin's branch of the Markley Family Tree in pictures and text. It covers Franklin's growing up years, married years, and a basic coverage of 9 generations of Markleys from Franklin's granddaughter
Kelly Frances Markley back to the oldest known ancestor in America John Markley-Somerset Co. Pa .
    From  doucmentation found in both Somerset Co. Penn. and Ashland Co.,Ohio and information from other reliable sources from the past,we know Franklin's lineage back to John Markley of Somerset Co. has been proven without a doubt.
> First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation
> Eighth Generation
David Henry
Franklin Robert
Guy Lynn
Ninth Generation
Brothers at Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio - 1989
(left to right) David, Guy, Franklin R.
Franklin is the fourth child of Rev. Franklin Guy and Gertrude Ethel (Wagoner) Markley. He was born Feb.27, 1926 in Hamilton, Ohio. He had 3 sisters: Helen Ruth, Naomi Lois, and Cleo Twylight. He married Gladys May Henry on Oct. 19, 1946. They had 3 children.
David Henry Markley Born Jan.17, 1948
Franklin Robert Markley Born Sept. 4, 1949
Guy Lynn Markley Born May 1, 1963
With sisters Cleo, Naomi, and Ruth - 1928 /29
Rev. Franklin G. and Gertrude E. Wagoner Markley
Hamilton, Ohio - 1925
A BOY AT Last!!  2/27/1926
With best friend Dixie - late 1930's
Akron, Ohio
2005 - latest pet, Bridgitte
Franklin with Mother and Dad - 1935 Marion, Ohio
David & Father Franklin Jr. at Gravesite of Rev. Franklin Sr.& Gertrude Markley in Davids Cemetery, Kettering, Ohio       Taken Aug.13, 2005
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