Single Releases



I Want Tomorrow 1987

1.I Want Tomorrow
2.the Celts



Orinoco Flow 1988

1.Orinoco Flow
2.Out of the Blue



Evening Falls 1988

1.Evening Falls...
2.Oíche Chiún



Storms In Africa 1989

1.Storms In Africa II
2.Storms In Africa



6 Tracks 1989

1.Orinoco Flow 4.Morning Glory
2.Evening Falls... 5.Smaoitím...
3.Out of the Blue 6.Oíche Chiún



Oiche Chiun(Silent Night)1989

1.Oíche Chiún
2.Oriel Window
3.'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile



3 Tracks EP 1990

1.Orinoco Flow (Edit)
2.Evening Falls...
3.Storms In Africa II



Exile 1991

2.On Your Shore



Caribbean Blue 1991

1.Caribbean Blue (Edit)
2.Orinoco Flow (Edit)



How Can I Keep From Singing 1991

1.How Can I Keep From Singing?
2.Oíche Chiún



Book of Days 1992

1.Book of Days
2.As Baile
3.Morning Glory



The Celts 1992

1.the Celts
2.Oíche Chiún
3.'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile



Marble Halls 1994

1.Marble Halls
2.'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile
3.Book of Days
4.As Baile



The Christmas EP 1994

1.Oíche Chiún
2.As Baile
3.'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile
5.the Celts



Anywhere Is 1995

1.Anywhere Is (Edit)
3.Oriel Window



On My Way Home 1996

1.On My Way Home (Remix)
3.I May Not Awaken



Only If 1997

1.Only If...
2.Willows On The Water
3.Oíche Chiún


Only Time 2000

1.Only Time
2.The First of Autumn
3.The Promise

3 Wild Child 2001

1.Wild Child(Edit)
2.Midnight Blue
3.Song Of The Sandman (Lullaby)


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