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Types of Massage Offered

Trigger point therapy

   Trigger points are hyperitable spots or zones that produce pain. They are thought to be caused by mechanical stress, change in temperature or fatigue and can appear as hard tissue. Trigger pints may be inactive for long periods of time. They usually produce deep acting pain as opposed to superficial pain..

            Some health problems that have responded successfully to Nuero Muscular Therapy are:-

*     Arm and Hand pain 

*     Athlete injuries

*     Back pain

*     Body stiffness

*     Hip pain

*     Leg and feet pain

*     Extremity numbness

*     Fatigue

*     Headaches

*     Knee pain

*     Sciatica

*     Muscular cramping

*     Muscular tension

*     Muscular weakness

*     Nervous tension

*     Stiff neck

*     Weak wrist*

*     Poor circulation

*     Sprains & strains


               It will take more than one therapy session for rapid results. The initial session lasts one hour with each follow up session being thirty minutes. Healing will take time.

The duration of the total therapy program depends on:

*      How much damage has been done

*      How fast your body heals

*      The stress factors in your daily routine

*      The status of your health

*      The length of time your condition has existed

 Swedish Massage

            Swedish Massage involves stroking, kneading and pressing of the soft tissues of the entire body in order to induce a state of total relaxation.

 Deep Tissue Massage

            Deep Tissue Massage involves working slow and very deep with the muscles. Athletes and body builders seem to prefer this technique.



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