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About the Masseuse
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   Miss Ulelli Verbeke a Guyanese by birth, is one of Guyana's most talented certified massage therapist. Ms. Verbeke started training in Massage Therapy in the year 2002. She later went on to work at the St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital as a part-time masseuse in 2003. She has been on her own from 2004 full time and says she loves it.

Message from Masseuse

            One of the best things in my world is to be able to use what I was given (my hands) in helping. I love touching, taking my time to feel the muscles working with care and love. My greatest joy is to be able to release tension and stressed feeling. My best reward is my clients’ satisfaction. I think one of the best gifts one can give oneself is a time out for a massage session. It helps you to focus after relaxing it makes you feel free. One client said “it enables to feel as if he’s walking on cloud nine. There is nothing that can get him down after a massage”.




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