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All of us are god playing in a body on this earth plane and so are dogs!
     I am a shaman, poet and mother to two pitbulls, two cats, one who is diabetic, and one cool rabbit.
     I find god in my dogs and in poetry. This page is a prayer to help me remember to find it in myself.

   This picture is of Anubis, the Egyptian Dog God who brought the souls of the dead into the Underworld for cleansing and rebirth.
      My dogs taught me why - cats hunt solo and eat live prey, but dogs hunt in packs and will carry off dead carcasses. They help clean up the earth of dead and decaying things. No wonder they are so venerated in literature about the Underworld. Thanks Dogs!


    We have two rescue pitbulls - My girl is named Grainne. She is a shiney black-half lab half pit, whose mother was neglected and sent to the pound with her puppies to be killed. She was rescued and all eight puppies got great homes.
     My boy is gold with black eyeliner so we call him Ra, after the Egyptian Sun God. A friend found him on the streets in Oakland. They were dumping him because he wouldn't fight. He turned out to be not only unaggressive, but actually useless as well. He doesn't even bark when someone comes into the house.
     Ra lives for high action ball and sleeping on the pillow with me. He's very photogenic due to his intense golden beauty so he is our spokesdog super model.

  I teach celtic shamanism and women's spirituality in Oakland California with my partner, J Wiley.
     We run
BlueDog Shamanic Services. Our BlueDog website will be up soon.
   My life's work is to wake people up to their passion and power so we can create a joyful, compassionate world for us and dogs.

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