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Links and references in Exercise Science

Table of Contents

  • Nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  • Anatomy
  • Fitness
  • Organisations
  • Sociology of sport
  • Biomechanics
  • International Federations
  • Orthopedics
  • Sports medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Medical search engines
  • Physiology
  • Physical agents & therapy
  • Chronic pain
  • Neurology
  • Rehab & Physical therapy
  • Women & Exercise

  • Search engines

    An online Emergency Medical Encyclopedia
    Canadian Medical Association
    Canadian Wellness
    CHU Grenoble:  Corpus
    Dr. Koop's health site
    Health A to Z
    Health Canada
    Health finder
    Health links
    Karolinska Institutet
    Mayo Clinic
    Medicine Net
    Medical world
    MERCK Pharmaceutical
    National library of medicine
    Santé Web
    Martindale's Health Science Guide

    First Radiology Conference
    Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body
    Human anatomy on line
    Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomical Variation
    Muscles tutorial
    University of Pennsylvania Medical Center Radiology
    University of Texas anatomy
    University of Washington: Anatomy modules
    The Visible Human Project
    Yahoo: Anatomy


    American Society of Biomechanics
    Biomechanics magazine
    Biomechanics - Universite of Essen
    Biomechanical Engineering - University of Twente
    Biomechanics World Wide
    Clinical gait analysis
    Gait disorders
    International Society of Biomechanics

    NU Biomedical Engineering Home Page
    Technical Group on Footwear Biomechanics


    American College of Cardiology
    American College of Physicians
    American Heart Association
    British Heart Foundation
    Canadian Cardiovascular Society
    Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional Information
    CDC: Cardiovascular Diseases
    European Atherosclerosis Society
    European Society of Cardiology
    International Task Force for Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease
    South African Heart Association
    Southern African Hypertension Society
    Southern African Stroke Foundation
    The Heart Preview Gallery
    World Heart Federation
    Yahoo: Cardiology

    Chronic pain

    American academy of pain management
    International Association for the Study of Pain 
    North American Chronic Pain Association of Canada
    The Canadian Pain Society
    Pain research and management

    International Federations
    International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association
    International Amateur Athletic Federation
    International Olympic Committee
    World Federation of athletic training & therapy


    Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
    American Council on Exercise (ACE)
    Fitness/Active Living Unit/Health Canada
    National Fitness Leaders Association
    National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
    Yahoo: Fitness

    MGH Neurology
    Neuroanatomy and pathology
    Neuromuscular disease center
    Neurosciences on the internet
    Society for Neuroscience
    Yahoo: Neurology


    American Dietetic Association
    Bureau laitier du Canada
    Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
    C.H.A.P. Nutrition
    Complete nutrition
    Dial a dietitian (very good website)
    Dietetitians of Canada
    Fast Food Facts - Food Finder
    Gatorade Sports Science Institute
    National Agricultural Library - Food and Nutrition Information
    Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec
    Osteoporosis Society of Canada
    Sports, Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutritionists
    Tufts University Nutrition Navigator
    Yahoo: Nutrition


    American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
    Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine (CASM)
    Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
    Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA)
    Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports
    Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union (CIAU/USIC)
    Canadian Olympic Association 
    Canadian Paralympic Committee
    Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association
    Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Coaching Association of Canada
    Fédération des Kinésiologue du Québec
    National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA)
    National Cancer Institute
    National Center for Health Statistics
    National Institutes of Health
    National Institutes of Mental Health
    National Science Foundation
    National Library of Medicine
    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
    Physical & Health education
    Quebec Athletic Therapists Association
    Sport Canada
    World Health Association
    World Federation of athletic training & therapy
    Yahoo: Organisations


    Belgian Orthoweb
    Bone Home
    Internet journal of orthopedic surgery and related subject
    Kruzlifix's Anterior Cruciate Ligament
    Orthopedics Today
    Spine surgery
    The Southern California Orthopedic Institute
    The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010
    University of Washington Bone and Joint Sources
    Yahoo: Orthopedics


    American Physiological Society
    American Society of Exercise Physiologists
    APStracts of the American Physiological Society
    Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
    Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
    Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Exercice physiology
    European isokinetic society
    Journal of exercise physiology online
    Muscle physiology
    Physiology Online
    University of Abenteen Cadiovascular Physiology
    University of Arizona Physiology
    U of California-San Diego Neuromuscular Physiology
    Yahoo: Physiology


    American Psychological Association
    Sport and Exercise Psychology Research Group
    Sport Psychology Home Page
    Yahoo: Psychology

    Rehabilitation and physical therapy

    American Physical therapy association (APTA)
    Diagnostic Imaging for the Physical Therapist
    Lumbar spine stabilisation training
    Manual therapy online
    OPA Physiotherapy ResourceCentre
    Physical medicine and rehabilitation
    Physical therapy connection
    Physical therapy corner
    Physical therapy on line
    Physical therapy TWS the web space
    Physiotherapy Global links
    The chartered society of physiotherapy
    The Network of Disability Information & Education
    Warner Brock's PT Page

    Sociology of sport

    International Review for the sociology of sport
    North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
    Sociology of Sport Research Group

    Sports medicine

    Center for Sports Medicine, Science and Technology
    Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Page
    Dr. Jenkins SportsMedWeb
    Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science
    Imagerie du sport
    Sports medicine and orthopedic surgery
    Sport Medicine Council of Alberta
    Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia
    Sports Medicine Research & Education Foundation
    Sports Physiotherapy Canada
    The Institute for Preventive Sports Medicine
    TheInstitute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma
    The Pashby Sport Concussion Safety Web Site
    The physician and sportsmedicine online
    Yahoo: Sports Medicine

    Physical agent & therapy

    BFE (biofeedback)

    Women & Exercise

    American Health for women
    Canadian association for the advancement of women in sport and physical activity (CAAWS)
    Melpomene Institute
    Women's Sport Foundation
    Women's wire five-minute workout tips