Travis's Homepage

My homepage rulez!

Hey Y'allsİ. This is my first home page, so dont get mad if it sucks...

Well, I guess I can start off by saying, this page is gonna start off slow, but when I acctuly learn how to make one, I will make it cool, and add stuff, like pictures, links, sounds, etc.... But, untill then, you gota bear with me. *note: Excuse Spelling, I suck at it* :P

T2T web page

WebMonkey-This is where I learned (some of) this

Okaw Vocational Building where I attended my electronics course.

Here are some other of my pages.
  1. Quotes page
  2. Just my thoughts and stuff
  3. Daily Complaint!
  4. Bastard of the Year!
  5. SC MUD party.
  6. My Pics!

Quotes page: January 10, 2001
Thoughts n' stuff page: June 21, 2000
Daily Complaint page: Feb 1, 2000 (Im eather gonna overhaul this page, or delete it)
Bastard of the Year: Aug 8, 2000
SC Mud Pic's!: Aug 2, 2000

Sound brought to you by: Metallica: (Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth, from the Kill em All Album, This song is thee best Bass Masterpiece Ever, I sudjest you grab it on CD or MP3 some time.

Well, the time has come to move from the class room, to the real world... (Home?)... Anyways, I got my page up and running the the WORLD WIDE WEB! *insert mad scientist cackle here*.... Enjoy the ride....

Also, if you want to mail me, Mail me here.

Ok, theres some cool pictures. Im gonna add more as the days go by, so expect updates alot. If I dont update, give me 30 lashes with a wet noodle.