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Consultant to Small Business
Consultant to Tribal Governments
Computer Supplies
Business Services: Laser Printing, GBC Binding with/without tabs,
Color Scanning, B&W Business Cards, Full-Charge Bookkeeping

Tax Material
The Village  ( Links to Indian Businesses)   Updated: May 25, 1997
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The purpose of this form is to make up a full URL address for use in the browser location bar. It is still in the middle stages of development.

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Currently you can take an address such as Eureka/1309 and paste it into the Full Site box or input a neighborhood and a site number and it will make up a full Geocities URL, i.e. http://www.oocities.com/Eureka/1309 . The Neighborhood box lists most but not all of the current neighborhoods and suburbs. It is a working unit now. The next site is a working function also. It validates the site number so that you do not accidently try to go to a site below the 1000 or over 9999. It defaults to site 1000 when either of these events occur. It also alerts you to the fact that you have entered a number too small or too big and when you reach the last number in the series.

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For Web pages type or paste in Neighborhood/Site, Tab, and then click Make Web URL button, then click on Go There.

HDU Files. The full URLMaker.html also loads HDU files in the .com and loads html pages when run from your hard disk. It also contains a zip file download function.

E-Mail: danorourke@oocities.com

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A basic calculator that also has a feature where 2 numbers can be entered and then it shows the sum, difference, product, quotient, and the 1st number powered to the second number.   Also has a functions calculator where you enter the number and it shows the number as a fraction (1/x), the square, the square root, the log10 and log e values as well as X! or the factorial of the number.   Kind of neat.   Also links to a basic math info page.

Pricing and Cost Breakout Calculators

For breaking out shipping and handling and other cost and assigning then to individual items, then adds the allocated cost to the item, if the total allocated cost and total cost to be allocated are equal it then carries the total item cost to the Pricing Calculator where you set the correct Profit percentage in and then click Calculate to arrive at a mark-up or add-on retail price.


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  Because I am a dedicated reader and an ex-musician, I have decided to put the allowed associate programs on this page.

This is the start of the book section. I am an avid reader and usually read Romance and Science Fantasy along with Historical Romance and Westerns and a bit of internet and computer type books. This bookstore will reflect these selections.
Daniel O'Rourke
Music is nice also, so here is the music selections in roughly the order that I prefer to listen to them.

Country/Folk   Rock/Pop   Jazz/Blues  
  Classical   World/New Age   Urban/Electronic  


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