Welcome to the Episode Guide. There will be spoilers in here, so you may not want to read them if you don't want to have things ruined for you. This guide will not be put up in numerical order, so if you have a request I will do the guide for it right away. (FYI these summaries are based on the dubbed version of Fushigi Yuugi)


Episode 1- The Girl of the Legend

Episode 2- Suzaku No Miko

Episode 3- The Seven Seishi of Suzaku

Episode 4- Uneven Communications

Episode 5- Conflicting Emotions

Episode 6- Although My Life is Over...

Episode 7- I Want To Go Home...

Episode 8- I Want To See...

Episode 9- Invisible Enemies

Episode 10- Captured Girl

Episode 11- Seiryuu No Miko

Episode 12- I Only Have You

Episode 13- For the Sake of Love

Episode 14- Wolves in the Stronghold

Episode 15- Return From the City of Death

Episode 16- Sad Battle

Episode 17- The Melody of a Meeting

Episode 18- A Love Trap

Episode 19- Breaking Down Love

Episode 20- Unreachable Wish

Episode 21- To Protect You

Episode 22- Never Again Separate

Episode 23- Signs of a Plot

Episode 24- Fiery Decision

Episode 25- Loved, But Sad

Episode 26- Night of the Star-Watching Festival

Episode 27- A Vow Before The Grave

Episode 28- First Paragraph Summary

Episode 29- The Mysteries Begin to Move

Episode 30- The Sparks Fly

Episode 31- The Eddying of Uneasiness

Episode 32- Killed In Pursuit of Being a Suzaku Seishi

Episode 33- Nuriko, Farewell Forever

Episode 34- The Guardians of Ice

Episode 35- The Mirage from Hell

Episode 36- The Love That Was Trampled Upon

Episode 37- The Contentment of Being Dazzled

Episode 38- The Dawn of the Heart

Episode 39- The Strange Fantasy

Episode 40- Deceitful Love

Episode 41- Sunbeam of Revival

Episode 42- The Wall That Can't Be Climbed

Episode 43- Identical Outcomes of Farewell

Episode 44- Translent Defense

Episode 45- Light of Divergence

Episode 46- The Young Man of Reality

Episode 47- The Sky of Requiem

Episode 48- Even At The Risk of This Life

Episode 49- Wedding Ceremony

Episode 50- The Moment of Atonement

Episode 51- Entrusted Aspirations

Episode 52- For My Darling



Yui and Miaka start reading the Universe of the Four Gods



Tamahome asks Miaka and Yui for money, after saving them




Tamahome and a glowing Hotohorie face off for a death match





Nuriko on a snowy mountain in Genbu






Yui summons the power of Seiryuu






In the real world Suzaku is summoned to a waiting Seriyuu