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NEWS: Grace will be 2 years old at the end of June 09, and is already trying out the art of tantrumming - think she's going to be quite good at it. She's very lovely though and very bright too, with a very cheeky sense of humour!
I'm now well into the facebook world, and have also started on twitter recently (although am pretty much talking to myself one there atm - which has its merits!) so catch me on there, along with much more regular updates.

Grace was born on 30th June 2007, after having been due on 07/07/07, which would have been a very biblical birthday! She has her own website: for which you need a password, but just email me for that.
There's loads of good pregnancy info and freebies on t'internet, so I've done a page listing them here, which is as much for my sake next time round as anything! But if you find it helpful - great.
I got married on Saturday 3rd June 2006, see our wedding website for wedding and honeymoon pics (including some fantastic pics of Iceland)

In 2003-4 I did an MSc in Audiology at the Human Communication and Deafness Group of the University of Manchester, UK.
In 2006, I finished my training to be an Audiological Scientist, and now have a permanent job at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. I helped Prospects with their Audiological Scientist website info, which you can see here, even though my case study is no longer on there - moo!
Previously, I did a PhD with the Laser Photonics Research Group at the University of Manchester.

When there was the scare about Friend's reunited being bought up by a tabloid newspaper, I removed my details, but here's my last profile, for those that still want to read it: "After being there longer than I was at high school, I have finally left uni. I finished my PhD (did get to be Dr Bant after all...) and did an MSc in Audiology (watch out for more publications!). After a years competancy training, I am now working as an Audiological Scientist. Jason, Max (rabbit), Merlin and Rufus (kittens) and I live in beautiful Wales, and intend to stay put for some time (at least long enough to build an extension in true Bant-style). Yay! :o)"

SMiLE :o)

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