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Thanks to the guys at Tom Bakers Official website we take an exclusive look at the brand new series of Fort Boyard ready to hit Challenge TV on October 19th! Hold on tight.....Fort Boyard BACK!

Challenge TV: 20th October 2003
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5pm and 10pm

In a fantastic exclusive, Challenge brings a never seen before series of the cult action-adventure game show, Fort Boyard, with gorgeous new presenter Jodie Penfold, screen legend Tom Baker and Chris Ellison as the dastardly Boyard.

Filmed in the midst of a breathtaking Napoleonic fort near La Rochelle, Western France, the location is stranded in the middle of the sea and filled with devious dwarves, terrifying tigers, keen contestants and riddles aplenty.

The all-new action is preceded by a Fort Boyard weekend, featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new show and back-to-back episodes of the last series on Sunday October 19th from 5pm.

Challenge is also creating an entirely new interactive experience for the show by making it a Play Along game, in episodes from November 10th. Eagle-eyed eTV viewers must spot seven hidden symbols, which are imbedded throughout the show, earning clue words which enable them to solve the riddle in the finale, by pressing the red button on their TV handsets.

Gorgeous, up-and-coming action girl Jodie Penfold, guides teams around the Fort’s imposing, thick stoned-walled rooms, as they search for keys which grant access to each zone. Battling against the clock, contestants must complete daredevil tasks and solve cryptic clues, using all their skill and dexterity to overcome the psychological fears they face.

But it’s not only the tough challenges that anyone venturing into the Fort must contend with. Master Boyard Chris Ellison – best known for his portrayal of D.I. Frank Burnside in The Bill - will be making life as hard as possible for the brave teams, but help is at hand from The Captain, Tom Baker, who will be offering up vital clues in return for answers to his testing riddles.


The testing code word games bring team members face-to-face with their worst nightmares: spiders, snakes, slime, as well as extreme bungee jumps and gruelling physical challenges. From Moving Monkey Bars to the Stirrups - the contestant has to use their balance, agility and courage to reach those all-important keys. The action and screams come thick and fast as contestants plunge their hands into pools of rodents in the Rat Box and ride the Moving Head through swarms of creepy crawlies.