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Supprisingly enough Fort Boyard is not just made for British and French TV! The gameshow is also made for the following countries, each with their own presenters.

USA,Hunguary,Belgium and finally Turkey.

In each version of the show some rules are different. In the French series the team consists of 6 men and women and they must win 7 keys before they can open the treasure room door! They must also win gold through various mind games in 'Matires Du Temp' against the Tiger masters. The more gold they win in this section the more time they have in the treasure room! The show lasts for 1hr 30min with no commercal breaks! The theme tune is also different and there are more characters like Monsieur La Boulle including Jabba the Pirate (seen in the 98 UK series) La Boheienne and La Lumineuse! The watchtower is guarded by and ugly old man called 'Le Pere Fouras'

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