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Last updated 06-08-03
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If this weeks challengers want to get their hands on the forts gold (which is guarded by tigers) the team must first contain the four keys required to unlock the treasure room door. They can only get these, by succesfully completing the challenges Boyard sets them, within the alloted times once the first gong sounds.They will also be required to correctly answer a riddle set by the professor up in the Watchtower.

Once the team have enough keys they then must work out the password which must be spelt out correctly on the treasure room floor when the second gong sounds. In order to work out the passwork the challengers must complete a series of ordeals. For each one they sucessfully complete they shall recieve a clue. The password is the one word that can be placed before or after each clue to create a familliar word or expression.

When the second gong sounds, the team must spell out the password as quickly as they can. Once the gates start to open they will only have 2 minutes to spell out the word and collect as much gold as they can before the treasure room doors close, and the tigers are relased!