so Andy has left Duran Duran again as of October 2006.
what will the future bring? only time will tell.

Duran Duran at Webster Hall, August 2003
read a review of the Warner Theatre show, 11.09.03
from their first U.S. tour in their reunited lineup since the '80s

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The Fields of Eden
a Duran Duran appreciation site by littlewillow

est'd 08.16.00 - last updated 09.15.07
celebrating 8 years and counting on the web

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Morrissey and the Printed Word
lately I've gotten hooked on another songwriter - Morrissey. this is another site I'm working on at the moment.
it'll also discuss my fascination with English music. still very much a work in progress.

The DEVILS Made Me Do It!
The first-ever fan site for the Devils has been reinstated and updated with a note from the founder on 08.12.07.

Blown By the Wind of Reason
exploring the intellectual facets of DD and life itself. in other words, the essay portion of the site.
essays on being a second-generation fan and other aspects of DD music appreciation.
also shelved here are various forwards that've made me chuckle over the years.

The Water From My Face
creativity, from the deep recesses of littlewillow's mind, reigns supreme here.
Duran Duran based fanfic, short story, and poetry. fanfic and writings of other fandoms,
along with songs to be appreciated, have made its way here too as of late. worth reading.

There's Only Fire to Blame
pet projects and other strange DD stuff filed here. birthday cards to Durans, song tributes,
the Taylorwailer society, Durans as presidential candidates, DD wallpapers and YM skins, and more.

Calling Planet Earth
littlewillow's online scrapbook of Duran Duran. includes John Taylor solo favorites from TTP,
shots surreptitiously taken from, and swoonworthy Nick Rhodes photographs.
Note: some links are offsite on another page.

Simon   Roger    Nick    John 1 2 3     Waz/Andy     Stephen
DD at the '03 VMAS   the '80s and beyond   Duran Trinity

The Diving Man's Coming Up For Air
this is where to find a list of all of littlewillow's audio collection, and a link to her personal wishlist.
some available for sale or trade. own something on the wishlist?
littlewillow might just buy it off of you! e-mail for more details.

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*disclaimer: I'm not entirely sure what Nick and Simon are reading in this picture, but it should go without saying that this site is a not-for-profit fan site
with no official affliation with Duran Duran, past or present. also, if a Duran is reading this, e-mail me please!

visitors to this Duran Duran writings page by littlewillow - thanks for your support!
p.s. Geocities messed up my counter royally and it should read several thousand...pfffttt...
and thanks to Duran Duran and the Devils for bringing color to my life when there was none.