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About Me:

I came to visit my dad's cousin. I arrived via the mail on Thursday, February 8. My trip was fun, but I got crushed a few times. I will write in my diary about my two week visit to Washington, DC. You can read the diary here.

Hobbies and Interests:
Harry Potter
Gym class
Math flash cards
Riding my bike

Friends and Family:
I go to the same elementary school that my Grandpa attended. How many people can say that??

My trip diary

Day 1: Thursday, February 8 - Arrival

Day 2: Friday, February 9 - The Bethesda Library

Day 3: Saturday, February 10 - The Washington Post Kid

Day 4: Sunday, February 11 - The NBA All Star game

Day 5: Monday, February 12 - A funeral

Day 6: Tuesday, February 13 - My Great Grandma's blanket

Day 7: Wednesday, February 14 - Baltimore Ravens!!

Day 8: Thursday, February 15 - Breakfast and the weather

Day 9: Friday, February 16 - George Washington University

Day 10: Saturday, February 17 - Mia Hamm!!!!!

Day 11: Sunday, February 18 - Ice skating, swimming, and health club

Day 12: Monday, February 19 - Presidents Day

Day 13: Tuesday, February 20 - US Naval Academy and Wizards game

Day 14: Wednesday, February 21 - Washington DC landmarks

My trip back to Minnesota - Many wonderful memories

Flat Luke in his Washington, DC T-Shirt

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