to our logo golfball collection.

I can't remember when we decided to start up a golfball collection. I do know that part of the idea came because we're both keen club golfers and play every weekend in Kalgoorlie at the Hannans Golf Club.

Our collection started with some "novelty" golfballs we bought on our overseas travels, some time ago. It's the kind of thing that just started and hasn't stopped since.

We've amassed over 1,000 golfballs which, compared to some other collections is very small. However, we've recently become serious collectors now and we have our friends, golfing mates and families on the lookout for golfballs for us.

We did an eight week round-the-world trip late in 2002 which took in Canada, the US, the UK and Indonesia. During this trip we picked up nearly 100 balls to add to the collection.

Here are just some of them...

New York.

Just to name a few. We collected from all over Canada, the US and the UK, including a complete set from the home of golf, St Andrews.

My husband built the wooden displays that house the golfballs. Types of golballs we collect include:
Golfball brands and types.
Golfballs from famous cities...
... and from Australia.
Golfballs with promotional company logos on them.
Golfballs from Aussie Rules football clubs.
Golfballs "on the rocks"...
... or shaken, not stirred.
Golfballs for when you're hot and thirsty!
Golfballs which give advice.
Golfballs from famous Aussies.
Golfballs which celebrate the Festive Season (bet you didn't know Santa was a golfer).
Golfballs which signify sporting events.
Golfballs from famous traditions.
Don't forget Ladies' Golf in Western Australia.
Another famous Aussie icon.
Some aren't what they appear?
Australian golf clubs and courses.
We're members of this Club!
We've lived here and played at these ones.

Did you see the three boxed golfballs above the main picture (above)? Well... here's a closeup.

From left to right, the signatures are: Jose Maria Olazabal, Ernie Els and Michael Campbell.

All of our golfballs are brand new or nearly new. If you'd like to swap with us, our spares are also all in new or near-new condition.

Where do we find them?

  • Airports.
  • Places we visit.
  • Airports and places where our friends and family members visit.
  • Business acquaintances and sales reps.
  • Our golfing mates.
  • Local shops who sell balls for promotional purposes.
  • Hiding in bushes on various courses after being hit from the tee without it being found by the original owner (these are usually in near-new condition, having been hit perhaps only a few times).
  • Spying a playing partner who is about to take one out of their bag to use on competition day, and us offering to swap it for a brand new plain ball (this takes a bit of cheek but we always get away with it!).

If you have any golfballs you can swap with us or send to us (which we'll pay for) please EMAIL ME.

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