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    Hello!!  Welcome to my world. Here, I am Zeena Sunrunner, of Eaxia.  
     Eaxia is a role playing game, where you create a character who will become one of 5 starting classes.  They are: Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Monk and Traveler.  When you first enter the game you find a signin page, then pick your form of entry, i.e. Eaxia Connect, or Simu's Wizard.  Then you will find a place that says New Character.  Here is where you build your character, the first thing you do is choose your characters first name, then hit BEGIN.  Then you choose a last name.
     Now there are several ways of creating a character. 1.  You can choose a pre-built character package.  There are 5 to choose from, one from each starting class.  2.  You can pick race and features yourself.  3.  You can choose everything for yourself.
     If you choose the pre-built package, everything is chosen for you, all your features, stats and you will arrive in Semanri already an initiate in your guild. 
     Later on you will have to decide on a secondary class.  But that is mostly 15 to 20 levels down the road.
   I am trying to make this an enjoyable and informative site for you.  I am also trying to make it interactive.  So if you have something you wish me to add, something to correct, or a story you would like to add,  PLEASE feel free to email them to me.  There is an email link on every page or at least every main page.  I will do my best to accomodate each and every request.
Coming Soon!!

Pages on Barbarians, Rangers, Druids, and all the other secondary guilds.
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