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Welcome to my site. This is a revamp of my original site hosted at this location. I decided the first look not only wasn't very functional, it seriously lacked originality and with quite a few of the pages being pretty large, this would cause the menu at the left to end up half-way down the page. Not the greatest layout. So, I finally decided to update it and here we are!

I started this site in May 2003 and have been updating it since, originally with news of my old High Heat 2004 PC game career with the New York Yankees, and when I gave up on the game, I mostly updated with new games, CD's and DVD's. I also hosted some screenshots of my High Heat 2004 gaming experience, most of which being bugs in the game or notable moments. I've since moved on to MVP Baseball 2004 and 2005 by EA Sports and am playing a dynasty in that with the Yankees. I'll see how my spare time goes, then I might do the same kind of thing with this site that the old High Heat site started out as: a tool for updating my dynasty stats and sharing them with the baseball gaming community.

Follow the links at the top of the page to browse the site. Hover over the links for a brief description of the content of the section. I hope you like the new layout, and check back often, as I'll probably be updating something or other! All external links should open in a new window. If they don't, let me know. You can find details of when the site was first and last updated at the bottom of the page

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  R.I.P. M.S.A. - Never forgotten.  

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