Baseball related: - The official website of the New York Yankees. - The official website of Major League Baseball. No deals are final until posted here! - A very good Yankees fan site with a very active forum.

Baseball gaming: - First there was the Dugout, then the Clubhouse, then there was, then there was take 1, now there is take 2. I started off at in July 2002 as markbtheyankee, looking for some help with 3DO's High Heat Baseball 2003, if I remember correctly. Almost 3 years later, 3DO went bust, NTNGod gave up the site and most of us moved to I'm now known as MarkBTheYankee. Nice change, huh?  History lesson over. - A nice gaming site set up by Trues for EA's MVP Baseball series. After some struggles with servers and getting a good layout for the site, Trues has finally found a style he wants to stick with and it looks great. A very good mix of MVP related stuff, including a shitload of downloads for the games, as well as an active forum where I am a moderator.

Hip hop related: - A pretty good hip hop news site with exclusive tracks available for streaming, as well as all the latest news, rumours and information. Also has an active forum.

TheHipHopAndRapSite - My own MSN community/group. I started it in 2001 when I was a bit of a newbie to the intarweb (That's internet to you normal people. You disgust me.) and in it's day, was updated almost every day with new information. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to update it regularly for a while now and it's way past it's best. I think it had a good basis for a site, but over the years with updates numbers going down and new rappers emerging, it just hasn't been kept updated. I'm still proud of it, though, because as I'm writing this, the counter is up to 37,140. It also introduced me to some decent people and a very good artist by the name of L.G. You can catch his music on under WiseCoast.

Misc: - The official website of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS). I'm a blood donor and have been since I turned 17. You never know when you might need blood yourself and you would expect to be given it if you do, so donate! The website for England and Wales is here. - A site where you can get your own customised signature image based on your PC specifications and/or your own set ups. Basically, this one has almost everything you could ask for and if it doesn't, you can post a recommendation on the forum. The support staff are very good and although some might struggle with the system at first, once it's set up, it's done. You can see my J-Sig in my "About me" page. - My ISP. A very good internet service provider who, since I started using them in 2002, haven't failed me once. I have only had to call their technical support line once and that was because I was just being stupid and hadn't quite recovered from being ill. Even then, the support technician was very friendly and as helpful as he could be. I was expecting a few choked laughs once I had realised what was wrong (It was just my modem not connecting correctly, just had to reboot the system and it was fine), but there was none. Their speeds were consistently rated the fastest in the UK in 2002 and wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they still are. I'm on a 512k package. - I'm not really a regular visitor to this site, but I've referred a few other people to it because it has some pretty useful information about PC's. It has "Build-your-own" info, as well as general information on how PC's work and a forum. Very useful starting point for beginners. - The website of Mike Singer, creator of Weather Watcher, a tool I use for reporting the weather information. Good for beginners and could be useful for advanced weather-freaks. He also has a few other programs on release, but Weather Watcher is the only one I use. He also has a forum where you can discuss issues with his programs.

  R.I.P. M.S.A. - Never forgotten.  

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