About me

I'm assuming you've been through the rest of the site, so I hope that should give you some sort of indication of who I am. But, for the skippers:


I'm Mark B. I'm 19 (Born October 18th, 1985) and live in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm 5'8" and generally weigh anywhere between 166 and 173lbs (That's 11 stones 12 lbs to 12 stones 5 lbs). I've recently started a sort of...not even a "keep fit" routine, but I'm not eating as much junk as usual and since I left my job (See below) from eating Burger King 4.5 days out of 5 for lunch, I've went from around 174 lbs to 168 lbs. As I'm typing this, I'm 168 lbs (12 stones) and my BMI is 25.5 indicating that I'm slightly overweight. In other words, I could lose a few pounds. Since a friend of mine has recently purchased a crazy running/skiing machine, I usually hit that for 20 minutes each Saturday. On my first effort, I ran 5km (3.11 miles) in 15 minutes separated by a couple of 1.5 minute breaks while screws came loose and the damn thing almost fell apart. On my second, I ran 7km (4.35 miles) in 20 minutes. I will be keeping a log of my progress on this, and you can check the page by clicking here.


In my last job, I was a VB6 programmer as well as a software, hardware and network support technician. I was also known to do a little general business stuff such as credit control (Chasing people who haven't paid what they owe) and basic customer support, but I was recently made unemployed due to some issues with the company that ended up with me losing my job. For the semi-full story, check my blog.


I'm an avid Hip hop fan and have been listening to it since 1996. I've been known within the last year to stray slightly and have been verging slightly into some old funk such as Rick James (R.I.P), and even a little Troutman & Zapp, probably best known in today's industry as the voice behind 2Pac's "California Love". Recently though, I'm back into hip-hop as normal.


Sports wise, it's baseball all the way, and in case you couldn't tell from the links page and haven't noticed the background to the pages (How could you not?), I'm a Yankees fan. When I was young, I was a football (Soccer for you non-UK'ers) fan as is normal growing up in the UK, but I eventually got bored with it and while up late avoiding school one night, happened to be flipping TV channels and found a baseball show. It was a Yankees game, hence my allegiance, and I've been hooked since. I've tried watching NFL, NHL and even some MLS, but I just couldn't get into them, so now I stick to baseball.

Contact details

My main e-mail address is markb2001@hotmail.com and this is the e-mail I use on a daily basis, as well as using for MSN Messenger. My secondary e-mail that I set up for use with my Hip Hop and Rap site is markbrapsite@hotmail.com, but I only check this maybe once a week. I used to use it as a secondary e-mail, but now it's really just to catch any e-mails from people on the site. I also used to say that if you want a guaranteed read of your e-mail, send it to this address because the other is full of junk e-mail, but since Hotmail have enforced their new junk e-mail rules, I'm getting a lot less, so it's safe to e-mail my main one, but make sure you put something recognisable in the subject line. Something like "MVP" or "Your site" usually catches my eye.

Send any comments, questions or whatever you want to say to me to this address.

Other stuff:

Here is all the random stuff that doesn't go anywhere else.

My CD list.
My DVD list.
My baseball video list.
My games list.
My books list.
My J-Sig image, updates every minute.
My SigX image, updates every minute. Holds some useless info.
My screen, updates every minute and is at 50% of my screen resolution. 400x300 for you maths geniuses. If it's all black, then I'm either playing a full screen game or I'm away from the PC and I've locked it. The current time here is displayed in my J-Sig image. (No, you're not stoned. The image doesn't update. I'm waiting on a new version of J-Sig  to sort out a problem where, if the screen capture is left too long, it starts chewing up memory at a crazy rate.)
My Blog, didn't update it in a while, but I've started again now.
My photo gallery - Pictures I've taken of many different things.
My MVP Baseball 2005 updates, details of my roster.

Gratuitous begging:

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not exactly rolling in money. I'm not poor by a long stretch, but I could do with having an extra few bucks here and there. So, if you have a few dollars/pounds/yen/(Insert currency name here) creating an annoying jingling noise in your pocket when you walk, or if you really wish the bank would take away those spare pennies that amount to your account statement having a solid number, then some change after it, and you like the website, I'd really appreciate it if you'd consider tossing it my way. It all adds up. If you can't, fair enough. I know what it's like to be totally broke, and it's not a nice feeling. I'll send a nice "Thank you" e-mail to anyone who donates.


  R.I.P. M.S.A. - Never forgotten.  

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