The Value Of Your Love

from the beginning
you were there for me
spreading your wings
to surround me
when need be
your love, so precious
sunrise to sunset,
it cloaked us
from the cold and wet

you imparted knowledge
making me wise
to good, evil and such
i now realize,
you endure so much
to open my eyes
to the ways of the world.

i can clearly see
the importance of having your love
and the value of the love you gave
i can never compact into just a day
but i hope to lift your spirits
with this love i'm sending

and there is no deeper love
much treasured birth to grave
at sleep, work or at play
Mommy you deserve
the full benefit
of my love never ending
Fondest Memories

things and times have changed
but my fondest memory still lingers.
some of our happiest moments
seem to be at the tips of my fingers.
just near enough for me to touch,
but too far to really hold.
when the winter bites a little too much
it shields me from the cold.

chilled wine, basket of fruits
and the sun with all its grace
smiled sweetly at pretty flowers.
we were entwined in nature's embrace
drunken by each other's love.
to the world seemingly lost
as the two love birds soared above
stayed together at any cost.

things and time have changed
all but the fondest memory
and some of my happiest moments
just will never let me be

no denying

the mountains, lush green atop,
valleys low, provide the back-

i remember the days
spent in the valleys below.
when i used to graze
beneath a menacing shadow

now i am up high,
where whispers of birds in the sky
come through loud and clear.
and it's music to my ear.

i tango with stars at night.
A warm kiss from the sun,
shining bright,
wakes me every morn.
prosperity in my life has begun.
but i still am torn.

when i look at  the valleys below,
i see the deep roots i cannot deny
and how they continue to grow.
being watered by the river of tears i cry.
No Not One

i remember when
i had friends
and that was not
too long ago.

before the drought.
before i was out
facing the cold
and snow.

is there someone
i can call upon?
who will help?
the tears flow

while my troubles rain
i am impervious to any pain
my only quest now
is to seek to the rainbow

I had friends
but now,
not one can see
the invisible man
even if he did glow

Arisen Assurance

Alone in the garden,
Smacked by the morning breeze
Cool, calm, crisp
A most pleasing
Wake-up kiss
Upon this air
The flowers' fragrance floats
Soft, sugary scents
Sweet serenity
I inhale independence
Being amongst this
Eye-catching congregation of
Cascading conifers
Conjures confidence
Breath-taking beauty
Been bedazzling, baffling
Before birth
Befitting embodiment of my existence
on this earth
In the garden
Each willowy wisp.
Shimmering blossom exude
Empowerment, ego, exhilaration
Energy, excitement, expectations
Exhale! exhale! exhale!
Essentials for existence
Our joy fills
Glorious hills.
That were once steep.
We join hands,
To keep rising,
While others sleep
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