Seven Days A Week

You are my love
and i want to be in love
a love so unique

You are my heaven
and i feel like being in heaven
seven days a week
My Testament

I being of sound
body and mind
will eternally tresure you
a very rare find
I will sing your praise
All of my days

I being of sound
body and mind
Attest that with a love
that's one of a kind
I will cloak you

A love permanent

As long as
we both shall live
Love, honour and respect ill give
To be faithful and true

Is my testament

Another  Five Minutes

Our noon time romance
Strolling hand in hand
Rolling in the sand
Along the shore we dance

In about five minutes
We must be on our way
Another five minutes
Is all we agreed to stay

But ....
Soon and very soon
This romance at noon
Kisses under the moon

The magnetism is still strong
That's why....
Five minutes last so long
When me and my baby are chill
Time seem to stand still
The Sweetest

Late night treats,
afternoon deelites,
a lamp unto my feet,
your love has given me sight.

Magnet to steel,
no way i can resist,
a love so real,
no better exists.

The sweetest there can be
fresh, sweet like a bowl of cherries
how much do i love thee
very, very and a thosand more veries
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