Ol' Ganga doing it yard style: Naah watch nuh face a jus' nuff respects
wanna be loved

wanna be loved not for who you think i am nor what you want me to be.
could you love me for me
real love with no strings attached 
i wanna give you my heart,
don't wanna take it back.

make my day

you are the rose in my garden
pretty little flower
guardian angel, fairy god-mother
a friend to the end and also a lover
one and only ah doan need another
you're my heat in the winta
breeze in the summa
love escalating growing by the hour
the sweet in my life when my life seems sour
you're my energy the source of power

you make my day, little things you do or say
you make my day, so please stay
don't ever ever go away

bonafide love w/ wayne wonder

woman you may not be wealthy nor drive a fast car
but mi naah go lef you out 'cause wi a come from far
you 'memba when mi only have mi one arrow shirt
an' you a maggle(model) wid mi inna you tight up skirt
as long as wi deh pon massa god eart(h)
mi naa forget whe wi a come from mi naa go dish you dirt

just tek it easy nuh man

wha mi waan know
is wha happen to dem
any whe dem go
a pure problem
ah wonda why
dem no tek it easy
give a man a bligh
help di poor and needy

rude bwoy listen
yuh madda did a warn
as di day christen'
yuh run gaan
wid yuh bag a idle fren'
betta min' yuh pick up caan
an' yuh life a go en'

BIG UP!!!!

haffi big who get up big up
hearticol brethren and brethren
run whe who get run whe
all a di fassy hole dem
who pose like dem a fren'

hafffi give tanks to di creata
just fi life an' family
yuh si all a dem playa hata
whe jealous a wi

AHEM .....AHEM ..... AHEM

you done know
ah st. ann mi grow

Sun, sea an' san'                     
A masterpiece by di man.
Umbilical cord,
Fi all dem abroad.
How lovely thou art.

Flooding the brain
O'dem dat remain,
Di crystal caribbean,
Wid its many islan',
Is one big heart.

Beatin' wid a
resoundin' thud
Pumpin' precious mem'ries
through wi blood


Slammin' domino
Dung a Mas Joe
Playin' football or draff
Enjoyin' a hearty laff
An' everyting is fine


Havin' a ball
Inna di dancehall
wid one an' all
Up against di wall
A bubble an' wine

What about

When mi feel peckish
Fi some red snappa fish
Rice an' peas an' chicken
UHmmm...... finga lickin
Can neva get enuff

Sitiin' unda di mango tree
Tellin' anansi story
An' laff till wi weak
Dolly house, hide an' seek
An' all day stuff

Many more mem'ries
dat won't depart
Are being pumped
by the Big Heart
Even to dem dat
leave di shore
To return nevermore

Take these chain away
and set me free,
Release me out of bondage,
We would all agree.
Too long i've been a slave,
Don't wanna be no more.
I'd rather be in my grave
Than be locked behind closed doors
        ----------- Adopted

Carribean Rising

They rise with the sun
and before the day is done there is work to do
but they will get through
with the help of their neighbours
that's what they live for

To always lend a hand
be it plowing the land
or reaping the corn
for bread in the morn
along side the meat
and everyone will eat

Endless summer days, blazing hot
char kettle and pot
not calling each other black
they thrive on the fact
that togetherness and unity
build a solid community

Each day compromising
contributing to the rising;
knowing that none
of their battles will be won
if they don't live as one


fi di life mi have
and love so dearly
an' fi wi islan' paradise
yes fi wi country

wi love it yuh si
second only to yuh
help all ah wi
ah beg yuh, duh

Yard people wave di flag
wi nuh have nuttun fi hide
after all di worl' know
'bout wi jamaica pride
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