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Banda Rito
Nandito nAPO sila with a new album, a terrific new sound, and a bellyful of laughs, as always..


The Top 20 Singles
1. COME WHAT MAY (1) Ewan
    McGregor & Nicole Kidman
2. HIT ‘EM STYLE (OOPS!) (4) Blu
    (5) Sara Evans
4. BROWN EYES (6) Destiny’s Child
     Emma Bunton

Some choice music and other websites that come well recommended.  Take a gander.

PR Pictures. DLSU PR System.
Ganns leaves teaching, is new CCO Director
"Come What May" withstands assault

Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman continue to rule the charts, with "Come What May" off their movie, "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack, lords it over the competition by a nose. 
    The women storm back, at McGregor is the only male in the Top 5, as Blu Cantrell, Sara Evans, Destiny's Child and Emma Bunton follow hot on their tails.  Bunton's "Take My Breath Away" rockets 14 notches to the #5 position.
     The highest debut of the week is the Shirley Manson-led Garbage with their newest single, "Androgyny."
Palanca 2001 winners updated has updated the list of winners at the 2001 Don Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature, with the complete list now available for viewing.
     The special contains the list of judges, as well as winners for each Palanca category.
     In other news, former CWC associate Mike Bigornia has passed away at age 51 of a heart attack.
      Dr. Leoncio Deriada has received a Palanca Hall of Fame award from the Don Carlos Palanca Foundation.  Dr. Deriada collected his fifth 1st place award from the Palancas this year, ensuring his entry into the annals of the Hall of Fame.
    The job entails a lot of work on my part (we're talking 40 hour workweeks, at the minimum), but it's all right and I thank God for sending this opportunity my way.
     CSB is going to be in for a rollercoaster ride, so here's keeping my fingers crossed, my legs crossed and my eyes crossed.
Looks like that freelance writing career's gonna have to go into deep freeze for the next two years or so.  I was recently appointed Director of the College Communication Office of the College of Saint Benilde, replacing Helen Pagilagan, who left CSB.
Sigay Awardee
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