Cheney Gardeners' Favorite Recipes

Broccoli Casserole -- Wendy Gilbert
Baked Ham in Champagne -- Pat Kondas
Hominy Casserole -- Dorothy Salter
ZUPPA! -- developed by Marion Web (Inland Northwest
                Gardeners), contributed by Mary Jane Moczulski
Wendy's Quiche -- Wendy Gilbert
Side Dishes

Tomato Aspic with Horseradish Sauce -- Micky Long
Garden Pizza -- Karen Feyk (Gardeners of Spokane)

Glazed Lemon Squares -- Dee Erickson
Applesauce Cake -- Christie Bruntlett
Color Vision Cake -- Mary Jane Moczulski
Vermont Lemon Bread -- Charles Kenfield
Coconut Icebox Cookies -- Eleanor Rock
Macademia Nut Fudge -- Gaye Hess

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