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Students thinking of completing distance learning or internet courses may want to complete the self-tests on the Palm Beach Community College web site before registering in courses. The self-tests can give you some unbiased feedback from people involved in the delivery of distance education courses. These self tests can help you decide if you want to take distance education courses and if you have the skills to successfully complete On-line (internet or virtual school) courses. After you complete the self-tests, you are welcome to come back to this web site for more general information about distance learning course. Complete "Should I take a Distance Learning Class" and "Do I Have the Technical Skills and Knowledge to Learn On-line?"

The quizz below will help you determine how much time you need to devote to part-time studies, when you also have a job. "Do I have enough time to take college classes?"

Information about Alberta High School Diplomas can be found on the Diploma web page.

Safe Schools has links to sites about safe schools, racism, hate crimes, and bullying.

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