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"Perfect Perfect Purrfect Now is the perfect time to capture pikachu.
While the twirp is out of action, we'll make a surprise attack.
You really think so? :) When you Dream, you've GOT to Dream Big!
You sure are dreaming."
                                              Prime Ape Goes Bannanas
My character description of the below is basicly the background infomation of each character as seen on TV thus far. ("Go West Young Meowth" is the episode to find Meowth's background.)
Misty   Jessie and James   Other Characters
Character's Pokemon List- My records of the main characters' pokemon that they have at one time or another.

Top Pokemon- If you watch the tv show, play the card game, play the video games and have favorite pokemon, this is for you!

List of Pokemon in Ruby and Sapphire in the order of the Ruby and Sapphire pokedex. Now have the Pokemon that are only in one version marked

Pokemon Colosseum Snag List- List of Shadow Pokemon in alphabetical order- fits on one page.

Madikeoh a card game based on Majic the Gathing that can be played with just Pokemon cards, or any combination of Magic,Pokemon,Yu-gi-oh!, and Digimon cards. I spent a lot of time thinking it all out, so enjoy.

My Pokemon Comments(MPC) are like journal entries of mine on Pokemon related stuff, mixed with updates to this site. Mostly I comment on the last new Pokemon episode I've seen or talk about the videogames.
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My Comments 2006-2007

Dec 23, 2007 I have no desire to play my Pokemon videogames anymore, since Digimon World Dusk is 50 times more fun. I saw some of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and it seemed to be the same old predictable plot line all over gain, got bored with it twice, gave it a third chance and turned it off before I thought I had wasted my time again. I like Misty a whole lot better than Don. Actually there aren't any characters left that I really like. Team Rocket has been bad and goofy for way too long. The Movies and Music are still good. Pokemon X is a CD that has the Pokemon Theme Songs. I liked Ludiccario and the Mystery of Mew, but for me Pokemon has ended unless I can see Pokemon Chronicles sometime.
Jan 7, 2007 Wow, only 7 comments in 2006...I have PMD Blue Rescue Team now and enjoy playing it. Name your team, name your partner, and name yourself. Then one is prepared to rescue. That is all.
Sept 24, 2006 Perhaps the Pokemon part of my site may still have some life in it after all. I plan on getting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team someday for Nintendo DS. From what I've read it seems to be a very good game, and very different from the Pokemon games with versions. I also like the idea of trading from DS game to GBA game using only one DS.
May 29, 2006 The Rough Tough Jigglypuff episode a week or two back was really cool. It's easily one of my favorite episodes! It's hard to believe that they have had over 400 episodes and still making new things happen like Team Rocket blasting off during their moto. That was really cool. I feel like quoting a few things Ash and May said regaurding Jigglypuff, but I can't think of the exact words at the moment. There's only about 5 episodes left, and then I've read that Pokemon on KidsWB will be canceled. I've also read that chronicles might air on Cartoon Network starting June 3rd, but I don't have cable, so after about 5 weeks this Pokemon site may not have anymore updates. But who knows what the future may hold. Frankly, I don't care that a continuation of Pokemon Advanced Battle is cancelled, but what I will miss is not being able to see Pokemon Chronicles. Pokemon is good and has it's gem episodes, but I really wished that the ending to the Grandfestival was the last that we saw of May and Drew as rivals in Pokemon contests. I really loved the ending to that and wish to make up my own ending to the rest of the story. Pokemon has gone on for a long long time, and now I wish for a happy end, but I still want to see Misty... one... more... time. :)
April 15, 2006 It was nice seeing Misty again and a shame she had to leave so soon. I miss her already. I liked Skitty and Meowth having bigger roles at the end of Hoenn, but I'm eager to see Misty as a main character again. Right now May only has Combusken, Munchlax, and Squirtle with her. I assume that Ash only has Pikachu, Phanpy, Corphish, Grovyle, and Swellow in his arsenal. I'm hoping that he switches his Pokemon around more often (like Gary) so that we get to see more of his older Pokemon battle again.
April 1, 2006 So they've gone back in time with new episodes. Is that supposed to be an April Fools joke? Well at least they aired them, than not air them at all. It's like May got a second chance. I didn't know Meowth had a talent in making ice sculptures; that was pretty cool. Sure he had make sculptures of himself in dirt, but that must be the fastest record for making an ice sculpture! I bet Team Rocket could make money off of that talent as well as Meowth's ability to speak.
March 30, 2006 I'm glad the Hoenn League Tournament ended the way it did. For once it actually ended the way I wanted it too! I wish Team Rocket had just stuck with their job, but I guess what happened is to be expected. I might add Tyson's and Morison's Pokemon to my tv pokemon list, but then I might have to include Harrison's Pokemon as well... we'll see. Still, Ash vs Kate equals best Pokemon battle to date!
March 19, 2006Well maybe Pokemon Advanced Battle isn't so bad after all. I saw yesterday's episodes and the battle between Ash and Kate was the best battle they ever aired on Pokemon in my opinion. Why canít they always do that? It was just like the videogame. Ash actually won fair and square for a change, and Kate put up an awesome fight. Bravo!
Feb 25, 2006 For Madikeoh and pokemon cards, I think is easier just to subtract 3 from Pokemon's defense, rather than add 3 to majic cards. Only, a Pokemon with 30 HP still counts as having 1 defense point,so that it still can be played. So a Pokemon with 40 HP, take away the 0, and subtract 3...4-3=1... has 1 defense point as well. Whether you add 3 or subtract 3, doesn't change the outcome, but I think subtracting 3 simplifies the game.

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